Email on Your Computer

Having trouble setting up your email on your computer?

Setting Up Email On Your Computer

If you want to use email, you must either use a web-based email program, or your local computer, smartphone and/or tablet to send and receive email. The following are instructions for setting up your local computer to use email service from WebTek. Please note, email accounts must first be created on the web server. After they are created, you can configure your local computer using the instructions below.

Required Information

Display Name: This is what will display in the "From" field of the email you send
Username: (fill in your full email address here)
Password: use whatever password you were assigned
Incoming Mail Server (POP3): (replace with your domain name)
Outgoing Mail Server (SMTP): (replace with your domain name)

Note:The outgoing mail server will require password authentication to send mail. The incoming does not. You do not need SSL or anything else it might ask you.


If you have any trouble setting up your accounts or sending email, refer to the email troubleshooting section of this website.

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