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Your website is your foundation for everything else online. Just like a physical building needs a solid foundation, so does your presence online. Website design means more than just the way your website looks. It usually encompasses everything related to your website. The way its coded, cascading style sheets (css), the platform its built on, the way it was developed, meta tags, title tags, instructions for search engines and browsers, what it's optimized for, search engine friendly url's, marketing techniques, call-to-actions, functionality, interactivity, lead generation...and the list goes on. All of those things are really important and make up the foundation of your website.

Do You Need A New Website?

Perhaps. If you have an older website (3-6 years old), the answer may most likely be yes. Internet years are like dog-years... they age so fast because of technologies and trends. Years ago there was a rush for businesses to get websites as they recognized the spiralling potential that existed. As a decision maker in your company today, you need to re-evaluate your existing website and see if it still reflects the image you want and need. Does your website lack a "wow-factor"? Does it generate leads? Do you routinely get positive comments from it? Have you even looked at yours recently?

Visitors to your site quickly decide if this is where they want to be. They quickly judge the appearance of the website and the message they are getting. If it doesn't build some instant credibility, doesn't draws them in or give them a comfortable feeling of doing business with you, chances are they are like a fall leaf on a tree... gone. Factors that help persuade them to stay is a professional looking site, quality pictures, easy navigation, call-to-actions and a clean organized layout that is easy to understand. Ultimately, you want to convert those prized visitors into leads. Your website should be a lead generator, a virtual salesman.

Why Online?

We probably don't have to persuade many people why they should be focusing efforts online anymore. The answers are rather obvious. It went from only select households having Internet service to literally all households having many sources of Internet including right on their phones. People are literally connected all the time. The power of the Internet and the resource it has become is undeniably mind-boggling. There is no other single source or advertising medium that can be as effective and as targeted for such a small investment. Business owners and marketing personel are reallocating advertising monies previously spent on traditional advertising (like yellow pages) and investing in Internet Marketing.

Where to Start?

That's easy...with us!! Take a good look at your website and then ask us what we think! Remember, if your site lacks excitement, is hard to read and/or navigate, or has no visual appeal, they're gone! Stop losing potential customers, contact WebTek today!

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"Webtek has been extremely helpful throughout the years. I have been a website design customer for over five years and I am always satisfied. Whatever I need done to my website, I email them and they work on the site as soon as they can. Great Work!"
- Anonymous
5 star review

"From the first time I met with Kornel, he was both professional and had a warm, caring personality. He was very helpful in setting up our new web site and answering my many questions. I would be glad to recommend Web Tek to anyone who is thinking about or ready to go with a website."
- N. Martin, Support for Prison Ministries
5 star review

"I just wanted to thank you for suggesting we rebuild our website. It was a great idea. It has more than paid for itself in the 4 months of being live. We have people doing business with us based solely on their website experience with us. We also sold golf carts directly off our new site without people even needing to come see them in person. The ability for us to update it all is a huge bonus. Thanks again."
- M. Renninger, Renninger's Golf Carts
5 star review

"The best Website Design Company in PA! You guys are so easy to work with and reasonably priced too!"
- R. Redcay, Real Youth
5 star review

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