Lee Dussinger - Marketing Strategist

Lee Dussinger

Senior Content Strategist

Let’s Do This Thing!

My goal as a Content Strategist is to ensure that the internet works for you — and for your business. Whether that means ensuring new customers find you on page one of Google or building a following for your Facebook, I’m here to execute strategies that bring you results.

Equipped with an English degree from Millersville University, I have written for the local newspaper and a few Lancaster County marketing agencies. That background developed into my passion for SEO and internet marketing as a whole. Working at WebTek allowed me to bring my diverse skills together and discover new ones — all while helping fantastic people grow their businesses.

When I’m not working, I dedicate my days to writing fiction and spending time with my lovely fiancé, Mandy. Something you’d never guess about me is that, for whatever reason, I love potbelly pigs — and can’t wait to have one (or two) as a pet!

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