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A one-stop shop for everything you need to succeed online.

Some agencies specialize in digital marketing, while some focus their efforts only on social media marketing, and still others do nothing but create Google Ads campaigns day-in-and-day-out. An integrated marketing agency, however, excels in ALL avenues of digital and traditional marketing.

An integrated marketing agency boasts many advantages over hiring an assortment of small freelance vendors. Imagine having to hire your own electrician, plumber, designer, contractor, handyman, AND installers when remodeling your kitchen, when you could just partner with one company who does it all! At WebTek, our team of in-house designers, marketing experts, web developers, project managers, content writers, and more work together seamlessly to build integrated marketing campaigns that grow your company.

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We know in order to make any integrated marketing strategy successful, internal communication is key. When you partner with an integrated marketing agency that takes a holistic approach to your digital marketing, you benefit immensely from internal team communication. At our agency, we work (literally!) side-by-side, keeping our communication as open as possible!

What you need to know about working with an integrated marketing agency is this: you won’t have to do it alone! Our partnership with your company is more than just a partnership – we become a powerhouse team ready to take on the competitive market your business is in!

Developing a Multi-Channel Marketing Campaign

Your customers shop on a lot of platforms – therefore, you need to be found on a lot of platforms. Multi-channel marketing agencies like ours work with you to ensure your consistent message is carried out through multiple online and offline avenues — whether that means Facebook, Instagram, Google, or Bing, or more.

Today, there are more ways to reach customers than ever before – and new channels of communication are being created all the time. When you think about the multi-channel marketing world, it can become overwhelming quickly: there’s social media advertising, online directories and listings, blogs, custom email marketing strategies… and that’s just the beginning.  While you want to be on all of those places, where exactly do you start?

Partnering with a multi-channel marketing agency is the best way to maximize success with minimal risk.

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The Omni-Channel Marketing Experience

Want more leads, conversions, and customer connections? Who doesn’t!

By taking advantage of an omni-channel marketing strategy, brands experience those benefits quickly – and more!

For the past 20+ years, WebTek has studied and practiced nearly every marketing channel out there so that we can best serve our clients with a combination of strategies that actually earn real results. We are the transparent, omni-channel marketing agency you’ve been waiting for.

Cover the full spectrum of online marketing with a bundled digital marketing plan!

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WebTek: Your Integrated Marketing Company for Success

Hiring one person to manage your Facebook campaign, another to develop a responsive web design, and one more to create a functional Google Ads account is a lot of work. By working with one integrated marketing company, like WebTek, we handle everything in-house, in one convenient location for you. There’s no outsourcing to foreign countries or support lines that are answered by interns – we’re the real deal.

Getting started with us as your multi-channel marketing agency is easy – call us today for a free marketing or website design consultation. Your success is our success. We’re here and happy to help you in any way we can!

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