How to Evaluate Your Website in 7 Easy Steps

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Seeing your website with fresh eyes can help you fix key errors, improve your brand & even grow your business.  

While a website is your bona fide digital storefront, it can be hard to find the time to dig around and make sure you approve of the state of things. However, when you find yourself with a few free minutes on your hands – like right now, perhaps – digging into your digital presence is a good investment of your time. Knowing where to start can be easier said than done – so that’s why we put together an easy-to-follow guide about how to evaluate your website.

At WebTek, we’re a full-service digital marketing agency that partners with businesses of all sizes. Guaranteeing an up-to-date and on-brand website presence is a key part of ensuring you succeed online. Whether our clients need to make some specific improvements, rebuild a site from the ground-up, or launch lead generating marketing campaigns, we do it all. Read our guide to see how to evaluate your website for the cornerstone improvements you can make – or reach out to our team for a full web and marketing consultation!


Our Website Update Checklist

This guide on how to evaluate your website isn’t a redesign quiz – it’s more of a way to find the key areas you can update on your own. However, if you find that you can’t do a lot of these things because your site is old or doesn’t function properly, then that is a sign you need a new site ASAP!

  1. Check Contact Info –The first point on our website update checklist is one of the most important. If the contact information (phone number, email, and physical address) are wrong, that one mistake can cause you to lose new business and frustrate current clients. Look for the different instances of contact information on your site – whether they’re on the homepage, footer, or a dedicated contact page.
  2. Inspect the Images – Pay attention to the images used throughout your site. Look for any images that are outdated, no longer relevant, or simply don’t look good with the website design. Whether those pictures are of past employees, services you don’t offer any longer, or they just don’t meet your current standards – replacing them will improve your site. Remember: mobile traffic is quickly becoming the majority of your website’s visitors, so make sure your pictures still look good on a phone.
  3. Read Your Site – Digging in and reading all of the written content is a crucial step in how to evaluate your website. Expertly-written content on the high-leverage pages of your website is essential to gain traction in search engines and to provide information to visitors. However, unless you hired a skilled content marketer or made a concerted effort to write your own site, you may be surprised at some of what you read. Pay attention to the incorrect information or messaging that just doesn’t reflect your brand. Good news: updating content is one of the easiest changes to make on your own, especially if you have a professionally-built WordPress website.
  4. Look for Recent Work/Projects – For many businesses we represent (specifically home improvement contractors), an effective website needs to showcase gorgeous examples of recent work to entice new clients. That’s why the next item on our website update checklist is to examine your project gallery. If you find that your portfolio is missing stunning, newly completed work, this is one of the most important things address right away.
  5. Read Your Recent Reviews and Testimonials – Real feedback from satisfied customers is a mainstay tactic for earning the trust of new clients. That’s why well-designed websites often feature reviews or testimonials in numerous strategic pages. Whether placed throughout the site or on a dedicated page, these testimonials can be an effective way to show the very best your business has to offer. As part of your DIY site evaluation, make sure they are relevant and up-to-date.
  6. Browse for Broken Links/Pages – Few things are more aggravating to a potential client than a website that doesn’t work – which is completely understandable. That’s why you’ll want to look at every page and click every single link to ensure that all of them work properly. While this is certainly the most time- consuming part of the site evaluation, the effort is worth it to know your site is working properly for your visitors.
  7. Evaluate if your Website Makes You Money – The last item on our website update checklist isn’t something you’ll find out by looking at your site, but instead by looking at your profits. If you intended your website to be a driver of new business leads, ask yourself if that goal is working out. For the vast majority of businesses and industries, your ideal prospects are searching online for services just like yours. If they aren’t finding your website, that’s a wasted opportunity…and a real problem. Fortunately, that’s a problem we know to how rectify. Our internet marketing services are specifically designed to bring relevant visitors to your site and earn you qualified leads. If you’d like your website to make you more money, we’d love to have a conversation.


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We hope our guide on how to evaluate a website gives you some fresh insight into the digital storefront you present to the world. If you want some assistance handling the updates and improvements you’d like to make, we’d like to partner with you.

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