Is Your Domain in Jeopardy?

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Did you hear about the Jeb Bush fumble? Sounds like an opening line to a joke, but this is no joke. If you jump over to, instead of seeing a presidential website promoting the former Florida Governor, you are greeted by a smiling Donald J. Trump for President website. What! How could this be?

It is a little unclear if Mr. Bush forgot to renew his domain name, or never purchased it in the first place. As a result of this major oversight, president-elect hopeful, Donald Trump capitalized. Although he denies no direct involvement with it, he comes out looking like a winner… and “winning” is something he’s been touting his whole campaign.

The Value of a Domain Name

I don’t want this to be political, nor is this is an endorsement for Trump to be President. However, it is a powerful illustration demonstrating the value of a domain name. Although the cost of a domain name is nominal (typically $10 – $30 a year), the value in a case like this is unmeasurable.

Keep Your Domain Name up to Date

Also unmeasurable is the oversight on Jeb Bush for letting the domain name expire or for never registering it in the first place. So let me take this time to emphasize the importance of always making sure your domain name is up-to-date. Don’t ignore those reminders about renewing your name. But also don’t fall prey to those false solicitations trying to mislead you into renewing them with another company or registrar.

Evaluate the Domain Names You Don’t Own

It’s also a good time to draw out the important lesson of evaluating what domain names you don’t own but might want to. I’m speaking to myself as much as anyone. Because of this situation, I actually went ahead and purchased Not because I’m planning on running for office, but rather just to own, protect, and reserve for whatever I decide to do with it later. This also prevents others from buying it and slandering my name or political campaign (if there ever is one).

Speaking of slandering and politics, something to this effect happened recently to another ex-presidential hopeful, Carly Fiorina. During her time at Hewlett Packard, she was responsible for a massive layoff that wasn’t well received by… well, those being laid off. Someone bought the domain name and built a website using it against her.

Buy a Domain for Future Use

In addition to the reasons above, other reasons you might want to consider buying domain names now could be for an idea you’d like to act on in the future. This could be a side business, a gift for someone, to run a promotion, or even a keyword rich alternative for your company. For instance, if you own consider names like,,, and more.

Consider a Domain Name an Investment

Look at a domain name from an investment standpoint. Is there a presidential hopeful that might run in 2020? You could buy their name and append to the end of it. What about future Olympics ( or an upcoming movie title you caught wind of? Names you buy now might hold significant value in the near future. Just ask Jeb.

Now that I got you thinking, jump on over to to see what domains are available that you might want to buy.