A Free Website! Why Would You?

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I am sure you have seen those advertisements for a free website or an extremely cheap website.  Maybe you order some checks for your business and with your $50 order you get a free website.

How Can They Do That?
I’m not really sure of their motive.  They might want to up-sell you, lock you into a high monthly hosting fee or just add you as a number to their customer count to draw capital venturalists.  But that shouldn’t be the question.  The real question is why would you want a free website?

Why Would You Want a Free Website?
Do you realize how much a free website will actually cost you?  Take into account the following:

  • Most free services  make you build your “free” website yourself. I’m sure your time is money and who knows how many frustrating hours you will spend trying to get the thing to look and work like you want.
  • All those hours you spend on making your website,  could be better spent making money by doing something productive in your area of expertise.
  • Your website will never rank in search engines by using a free website builder
  • It will never look as good as what a professional web design company would provide.
  • If people find your website, the whole user experience is almost guaranteed to be bad resulting in no leads or sales.
  • Most business owners get frustrated, give-up or come to their senses and hire a professional website company anyway after they realize what all they are losing.
  • Your online  reputation will be ruined.  It would be better to not even have a website.
  • If you don’t hire a professional web design company, you lose all that consulting, advise and resources.  I don’t care how bright you are, multiple heads are better than one.

The list can go on, but in short you are taking steps backwards with a free website.  No, we can’t help you with those website template builders.  That’s not how we build websites. Hopefully this blog post will save you the money and time you are losing by building your own “free website”.