5 Lancaster PA Marketing Ideas

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Lancaster County is a fantastic place to live — and also to own a business.

Lancaster has a truly one-of-a-kind character – from its rich, historical traditions to its modern art scene, and an ever-present tourist appeal. The unique nature of our county means that there are Lancaster PA marketing ideas that work exclusively for – or uniquely well – in our area.

As a Lancaster marketing agency, we have decades of experience helping clients connect with their prospects and share their message throughout the county and beyond. In our latest blog, we’re highlighting 5 of our favorite Lancaster PA marketing ideas that businesses of all sizes can use today!

Lancaster Marketing Strategies

From the unique places to share your message to business resources available exclusively to Lancaster businesses, we’re digging into some of the best avenues to share your story and earn new business.  As always, the best way to take advantage of everything Lancaster has to offer is by partnering with a local marketing agency.

Here are 5 reliable marketing strategies for businesses in Lancaster PA:

  1. Lancaster Exclusive Online Directories — Since Lancaster County is both a destination and a community dedicated to shopping local, there are several online directories that feature the best of Lancaster. Earning or purchasing a listing on these websites serves your business for two reasons. Firstly, almost all of these highly-trafficked sites provide a link back to your website, which increases your authority in the eyes of the Google algorithm. Secondly, these sites are popular among out-of-towners and locals, which means that having your listing there can build your credibility and even earn you business.
  2. Independent Movie Theaters — This is a premier marketing tactic when you want to promote your brand or message to an ultra-wide audience. When it comes to sheer variety of demographics, you can’t cast a much broader net than through the local movie theatre. Lancaster County features a handful of independent movie theatres which offer spots for paid video advertising prior to the previews and the start of the movie. Our strong selection of non-chain theatres makes this a great Lancaster PA marketing tactic to consider. Learn more about WebTek’s video marketing services.
  3. Local SEO — Since nearly every buyer’s journey touches a search engine at some point, SEO is one of the cornerstones of marketing your business in the 21st century. When marketing a Lancaster PA business, you’ll want to work with an SEO agency skilled in the tactics of local SEO. Local SEO services allow your business and relevant information to appear in searches based on your location and your relevant keywords. As complicated and crucial as SEO is for national keywords, the tactics of local SEO involve everything from building listings on Google and Bing Local, to building citations and creating content around locally targeted keywords. Local SEO for our county is an area of expertise for WebTek – and an essential Lancaster marketing idea. How is YOUR SEO? Get a free SEO audit and find out.
  4. Community Partnerships — For some industries, it’s who you know that really matters. If that holds true for your industry, Lancaster can be a great place to network. Since our county already boasts a thriving business community, the connection you want to kickstart your business’ growth might already be ready for you. Tourists, college students, Crossfit fanatics…you’ll find places to connect to your ideal demographic. Once you know where you want to be, it’s a matter of getting your product or service in the door. While this idea differs from standard marketing tactics, building connections can take you everywhere.
  5. Integrated Marketing — One of the most effective Lancaster PA marketing ideas happens to be one of the most successful tactics ever. Our integrated marketing campaigns are used to generate immediate, highly-qualified leads, while building an archive of content marketing pieces and creating a highly-visible brand presence. These integrated marketing campaigns are built around a content marketing asset that is promoted on social media to your ideal consumer in your exact target area – Lancaster or beyond!

These are our recommendations for tactics that earn business in Lancaster. While WebTek has a strong local presence and our finger is on the pulse of marketing in Lancaster County, we also work with numerous clients nationally and internationally. The best way to discover the tactics that work best for you? A free marketing consultation.

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The crucial element to ensure success from all of your marketing efforts? A marketing partner that can work with you to grow your business. At WebTek, we have more than 2 decades of experience helping clients build websites and grow their businesses. Whether you want to use these Lancaster PA marketing ideas or you want to try something else, contact us to learn about a custom campaign to grow your business.