9 Facebook Post Ideas for Businesses Worth Trying

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Beat Facebook writers block with posts that actually work!

From the marketing gurus you follow to your fellow small business owners, everyone attests that Facebook is a crucial platform for businesses. But what should you write, what should you say, and what should you post on Facebook for your own business? At WebTek, we’re all about leveraging your Facebook following into real business — here are our 9 favorite Facebook post ideas for businesses.

Game-Changing Business Facebook Posts You Can Use Today

When you post to your business Facebook page, you’re competing for your customers’ attention against celebrity gossip, puppy pictures, and real-life drama.

So, how can you ever hope to stand out?

You stand out with the right types of posts, ones that entertain and educate your potential customers, all while highlighting your brand and business. Dive in with us and we’ll show you how it’s done. Think of these Facebook posts for small businesses like your official cheat sheet!

  1. Sharing Your Projects — People follow your page because they like your business and what you do. So give them what they want — show them the coolest stuff you’ve done lately. If you own a gourmet ice cream shop, post pictures of a sundae, piled high with toppings. If you’re a deck builder, wow your Facebook crowd with pictures of a jaw-dropping outdoor living space. These business Facebook posts are a perfect way to stay on a client’s mind if you have a long sales cycle — or if you earn business off the all-important impulse buy.
  2. Post Your Progress — You don’t need to wait for a finished product to update your Facebook audience. Sharing pictures from the middle of a job is a great way to build excitement for a particular project and keep your work on your customers’ minds. Plus, showcasing your process can actually highlight a new angle most people never get to see. For example, if you’re a log home builder, showcasing the stripped-down beauty of one of your timber framed homes can turn some heads.
  3. Snippets from Blog Content— If your business employs blog content as one of your digital marketing strategies, it can fuel one of the most effective types of Facebook posts for businesses. Sharing snippets from your blog content is a great way to educate your readers — and entice them to read your complete article. Although content marketing has been popular for big brands in “hip” industries for ages, niche and B2B industries are beginning to realize the power of this tactic and the business Facebook posts that augment it.  In fact, we included content marketing on our New Year trends to watch — learn more about emerging 2019 marketing trends.
  4. Asking Questions — One of the most effective Facebook posts for businesses is also one of the easiest. If you want to start a conversation with your Facebook audience, simply ask a question. Let’s say, for example, you’re a kitchen remodel contractor – try posting side-by-side pictures of two vastly different styles of kitchens you’ve built and ask which one your followers like better, and why. The comments, likes, and shares will pour in! Plus, you just might learn about your target audience while you’re at it.
  5. Company Personality Posts — One of the most attractive traits about any business —particularly for small, local businesses— is the people and personalities behind it. The most effective, yet most overlooked, Facebook post ideas is to share the people that make up your team. Whether you want to share funny pictures from your company or feature employees in team member spotlights, your audience will love it and reward you with the engagement you’re seeking.
  6. “Tag a Friend” Posts — Another standout among great business Facebook posts, ask your followers to tag a friend who would love your work or could really use your help. Whether you own a window replacement business or an up-and-coming downtown eatery, this flat out works! Not only does this type of engagement post keep you on your followers’ minds, it introduces you to new ones at the same time.
  7. Sharing Testimonials — Building trust and reputation is one of the greatest rewards for maintaining an active social media presence. A way to double down on your good reputation is by sharing the quotes, testimonials, and reviews you received from real-life satisfied customers. We recommend enhancing the quote with your Photoshop or graphic design skills to make the kind words extra eye-catching.
  8. Stay Current — This type of social post only works for some industries. However, if it’s right for you, make the most of it. If someone or something from your industry is grabbing national headlines, jump on board as the local expert. Take to Facebook to share your insider scoop on the news story that’s sweeping the nation.
  9. Promote YOUR Videos — If there was one secret ingredient to powerful business Facebook posts, it would be video. Videos have been shown to earn higher engagement on Facebook while standing out in a sea of still images. The thing to remember though is you need to share videos about YOUR business — don’t just repost someone else and hope it builds your brand.   Need custom videos? See our video portfolio.

Your Social Media Marketing Partner

These 9 Facebook post ideas for business are a fantastic place to get started — truly though, they are just the tip of the iceberg. When you team with an integrated marketing partner you can transform your social media platforms into a finely-tuned brand-building lead-generating machine.

At WebTek, we develop unique integrated marketing plans for clients that utilize these business Facebook posts along with other cutting-edge tactics to ensure you win on social media and succeed online. The first step is a conversation, contact us today for your free marketing consultation.