Check Your Rankings – Penguin 2.0 is Rolled Out!

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If you are not attuned to the Search Engine Optimization (SEO) world, there was some major news being made today May 23, 2013.  Google rolled out a major algorithm update last night and dubbed in Penguin 2.0, named after it’s famous predecessor “Penguin”.  The results of that update are now completed.  Did you check your rankings since that update?  You should!

Whenever Google has a major update to its search formula they give it a name, thus the original Penguin name.  Penguin was an attempt to crack down on black hat and other spam techniques SEO webmasters would do in attempt to manipulate search results and get their websites to rank higher.  There’s nothing wrong with wanting higher search engine rankings, but the techniques used to achieve that can be manipulative and abusive and Google hates that.  Some SEO agencies and web companies would utilize those strategies to get quick results, high rankings and to look good to their clients.

This new Penguin 2.0 change is expected to have even more of an impact than the original, and the original really took the SEO world by storm.  Matt Cutts head of Google’s web spam team says, “Penguin is a web spam change that is dedicated to try and find black hat web spam and try to target and address that.  So this one (Penguin 2.0) is a little more comprehensive than Penguin 1.0 and we expect it go a little deeper and have a little more impact than the original Penguin.”

Well who’s looking good now?  Check your rankings.  Do some manual Google searches for search terms and see where you rank.  Do you know where you ranked prior to this date?  Did you improve, stay the same, or go down?  We are curious to hear your feedback.