Digital Recruitment Strategies Perfect for 2021

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Savvy businesses are turning to new avenues for help finding employees among this year’s talent shortage…

Having holes in your staff is just as much of a business roadblock as a drought of new work or material shortages. Finding qualified, interested employees is essential to being able to serve the customer base you worked so hard to earn. The number of “Now Hiring” signs outside of businesses alone gives an indication that almost every industry and every size company is feeling this same pressure. That’s why we’ve been putting nuanced digital recruitment strategies to work for our clients — to show their employment opportunities to relevant candidates!

While we haven’t hung up our marketing hats to become job recruiters, we have been running effective recruiting campaigns for a wide cross-section of clients in recent months. The skill sets are more similar than you might think! After all, earning visibility for your job listings to find uniquely qualified candidates works on the same principle as building brand visibility to drive valuable sales leads to you. Keep reading to explore three proven digital recruitment strategies to find the right people for less of an investment of time and money!

How to Recruit Employees Online: 3 Must-Try Tactics

how to recruit employees online

Traditional recruiting avenues can be expensive — and due to the wide net they cast, they often yield more wildly unqualified people than solid applicants. Like many things, taking insights from online marketing allows you to focus your attention (and your budget) where it can have the maximum impact. Even better, these tactics can be tailored to who you want to hire — whether it’s an industry veteran in a specialized job search or an entry-level applicant looking for their big opportunity. Learn how to recruit employees online to save time and money, while filling your roster:

Optimize Job Listings on Your Site

SEO, or search engine optimization, ensures that your website shows up when a potential customer searches for a relevant keyword. This same tactic proves extremely effective when advertising a job listing. By building out a robust job listing page, and completing it with Google-friendly optimizations, your job listing webpage can enjoy top-of-page prominence alongside listings from major job sites. So, whenever anyone in the relevant area searches for something like “window installer jobs”, you’ll be right there — alongside listings from Indeed and ZipRecruiter. Since your job listing will be optimized for the specific job title, you are likely to get fewer — but ultimately far more relevant — applicants. Bottom line: this is a must-try digital recruitment strategy, particularly for competitive job markets where talent is at a true premium!

Use Facebook for Promoted Listings

When learning how to recruit employees online, you can’t ignore the benefits of using social media. One of the reasons that social media advertising is such an effective tactic is that it allows you to have huge exposure in a predetermined geographic area. Using a company business profile, you can post one or more jobs — and then pay to promote them in your ideal radius. Since social media connects with a large number of different groups of people, promoting your job here allows you to hit multiple relevant demographics at once. And because the response tends to be so strong (even for fairly niche roles), we often recommend this particular channel when attempting to fill vacancies of the same position. When it comes to proactively pitching a job to nearby applicants, this is one of our best recommendations for digital recruitment strategies!

Run Referral Campaigns & Promotions

For service-oriented businesses, an untapped mine of talent can come from the most unexpected places: your past customer list. The diverse group of people you served well before will often know a wide group of people themselves…some of whom may be looking for the right opportunity in your field. Plus, a customer who received the All-Star treatment from your team is already acquainted with the character and quality that makes your business a cut above the rest. While there are many ways to entice former customers to assist you, framing it as a contest or promotion is one of the most exciting ways to get them on board. Consider offering a gift card or free service (if applicable) to any person they refer who becomes a permanent member of your crew!

Reaching this audience with your promotion is often the simplest part of this strategy, as you’re probably connected to many former customers through your email list or social media. One more reason to love this tactic is that it announces how in-demand you are and keeps you in front of former clients, which increases the chance that they become repeat customers. Along the same lines as past customers, current employees can also be a stellar source for referrals as well. After all, they work on your teams everyday, and know the right kind of person to join them!

While these three digital recruitment strategies are the go-to options that deliver the best return on investment for the majority of clients, these ideas are just the beginning. We encourage you to talk to our team about business-specific options to solve the talent shortage for good!

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Connecting with Hard to Reach Talent

digital recruitment methods

Some industries are easier to hire for than others — there’s no getting around that. Jobs that require skilled physical labor or are all-around physically demanding are often among the most challenging niches for which to find and retain talent. While our digital recruitment strategies are fairly universal, we have particular success in finding craftsmen, mechanics, installers, metal fabricators, carpenters, CDL drivers, and more.

These aren’t the only positions we’ve filled by any means, but they are among the most sought after. Being able to find employees in these competitive fields (especially when there is a shrinking pool of qualified candidates) is what we’re most proud of. At WebTek, our mission is to help you succeed online — and if a talent shortage is getting in the way, we want to solve that problem for you.

Trust WebTek for Digital Recruitment Strategies & Everything Else

Keeping you fully staffed and showing you how to recruit employees online may be the focus of our conversation today, but we want you to think of us as your do-it-all online partner. Basically, if you have a question concerning a fresh strategy you heard about, or you want to know how a competitor did something, ask us. Reach out to our team for a conversation about putting any of these digital recruitment strategies to work for you, or if you have any other questions!