Is PPC Worth it for My Business?

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The advantages of PPC are infinite for some businesses – is yours one of them?

Some love it, some loathe it — pay-per-click advertising has a divisive reputation among business owners. To certain stakeholders, this aggressive marketing strategy is a fast track to near-instant leads and sales. For others, the high-risk, high-reward nature of PPC leaves them reeling from the risks without benefiting much from the rewards. So, how do you know which experience you’ll have — essentially, how do you know if PPC is worth it for you?

At its very best, this tactic offers you a stream of highly-qualified traffic from your service area, while increasing your brand visibility at the same time. At its worst, a poorly-managed PPC campaign can burn up your marketing budget without showing you much ROI. Whether or not you see a return on your PPC investment is determined by a few select factors about your business, your customer base, and your marketing partner. When you’re considering if PPC is right for you, here are the 5 questions to ask yourself.

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5 Questions to See if PPC is Right for You

In the hands of an experienced marketing agency, PPC can be a successful component in almost any integrated marketing plan. However, if your marketing budget is a little slim and you need to decide between PPC and a slow-but-steady strategy, these are the questions to answer:

  1. Do You Earn Clients for Life? — As the name suggests, with PPC you pay for each individual click. While this can be expensive, especially if clients are going to get multiple quotes, the expense can be well worth it if the clients you win stick around. If you serve your clients for years or decades, you’ll easily make up for the initial investment in PPC to be able to meet them in the first place.
  2. Are You Lacking Strong Organic Presence Right Now? — Search engines are the quintessential cornerstone of the digital discovery process. Simply put, being found on a search engine, like Google or Bing, often decides success or failure for a service business or e-commerce business in the 21st century. If you lack a prominent SEO presence right now, PPC can catapult you to the very top of relevant searches in your area — for as long as you keep paying for the privilege.
  3. Can Sell Your Product Immediately? — Think about it like this: you paid for that click, and you want it to pay you back right away. That’s why PPC is popular among businesses that can sell online right away or have a way to get a quote to their customer immediately. If this is your business, particularly because you have a robust e-commerce platform, you stand a good chance to love the returns you see from PPC. However, service companies that offer emergency work can also benefit from PPC, as potential customers are more likely to schedule ASAP rather than shop around!
  4. Are Your Margins on a Single Transaction Fairly High? — Once again, this question comes back to offsetting the cost of getting visitors to your site one click at a time. If you can answer “yes” because your margins are high —and one sale easily offsets a double-handful of clicks — that’s a sign that PPC is a great strategy to leverage.
  5. Do You Have an Experienced Marketing Partner You Trust? — If you find yourself asking, “Is PPC worth it?” another important factor to consider is whether you have a marketing partner to help you execute it successfully. While the cost per click you pay goes straight to Google, an expert marketing company will make your PPC campaign more cost-effective and focused on that perfect click – which will ultimately help you maximize your earnings and the benefits you receive from your PPC campaign.

If you think PPC advertising is right for your business, but you don’t have a trusted marketing partner, get to know WebTek. We have a long track record of running successful digital marketing campaigns, including PPC. We encourage you to contact us for a conversation about PPC and everything we can do for you!


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