How to Fix Your Website Not Ranking in Google

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You love your website and you think your potential new customers would, too — if only they could find it.

If that’s not happening right now, your website is falling flat as a lead acquisition tool. In the vast majority of cases, a website not ranking in Google means that you need to invest in search engine optimization (SEO) — AKA the science of showing up in search when it matters most.

At WebTek, we’re dedicated to helping businesses of all sizes succeed online. Right off the bat, we can fix your website not ranking in Google — in fact, that’s one of our specialties as a digital marketing company. However, if you want to take a crack at it yourself before bringing aboard a digital partner, we’ll answer your questions and share the basics. Keep reading to learn exactly why your site isn’t ranking — or simply reach out now to kickstart your search engine presence.

Start Ranking in Google

Why is My Site Not Ranking?

why is my site not ranking

It’s something of a nagging annoyance — you have to dig and dig through countless pages to even see a trace of your site online. Almost all of your competitors are outranking you for every search term and every service — even if they hardly do that type of work. This leads many business owners like yourself to ask, “Why is my site not ranking?

The short answer is that your SEO could use some help. The productive answer is that one or more of these 7 key factors are missing. Dig into the main reasons behind your website not ranking in Google:

  1. Keywords are Missing — Google may be smart, but it doesn’t know what your company is about until you tell it. Using the keywords people are searching for throughout the titles and content of your site is the first step in ensuring that the site ranks well. Oftentimes when we audit a site for a new client, we discover that there are simply NO keywords anywhere.
  2. No Content — If you find yourself wondering, “Why is my site not ranking?”, this could be one of the main reasons. The all-important Google updates over the past few years have put an increased focus on ranking websites with valuable, well-written content over those without it. In addition, informative content sections are the perfect place to leverage those sought-after keywords. This means that you need to make sure that your site is professionally written to include helpful information and relevant keywords.Learn more about our content marketing solutions.
  3. Bad or Duplicate Content — While having no content can certainly be a liability, having the wrong content can potentially be even worse. In fact, your website not ranking in Google can even be caused by it. Google actively penalizes sites that engage in “keyword stuffing” — the act of using too many keywords in page content. On top of that, by directly lifting content from another website (even if you have their permission) can get your site hit with a duplicate content penalty, which suppresses it in the rankings.
  4. It was Built Using Wix or Squarespace — While both Wix and Squarespace are internationally-known website builder platforms, they make ranking in search engines EXTREMELY difficult. The way these templates are built involves a lot of extra code that makes them notoriously difficult for all major search engines to read.
  5. No Links — The goal of every search engine is to show the most valuable websites to their searchers. One of the main ways these systems determine if a site is valuable is through the number — and quality — of links from other sites that point to yours. Earning these links is a key SEO tactic to boost your site and a primary tactic of our SEO packages.
  6. Bad Links — While respectable websites linking to your site increases your digital profile and raises your website in the rankings, the wrong links do the exact opposite. Links from disreputable sites can actually earn your site a penalty and hurt otherwise solid rankings. Occasionally, questionable SEO companies will take a gamble by purchasing links from such sites and do more harm than good. One of the first things we do when partnering with a new company is to audit their links to ensure they don’t have any toxic links causing damage.
  7. Not Mobile Friendly — If you’re wondering why your brand-new site isn’t ranking, this probably won’t be an issue for you. However, for older sites this can prove to be an Achilles heel. A site that isn’t mobile-friendly won’t have a layout or easy functions for use on a phone or tablet. Unfortunately, an old site that isn’t mobile-optimized will be severely penalized and will have trouble showing up in ANY search. If your site isn’t mobile-friendly, you need a website re-design — we can help!

Keep in mind: SEO is a tactic that takes time to bear fruit. Part of the reason that your website may not be showing up in Google is that even skillful SEO can take several months to work.

Paid Media Strategies for Instant Exposure

paid media strategies to rank in google

If you don’t have time to wait for the organic exposure that comes from dominating search engine rankings, you always have the option of paid media. Whether you want to show up in a search engine or on a relevant social media platform, we have the solutions for you.

Google Ads or Pay-Per-Click

This type of paid digital ad lets your website show up immediately at the top of relevant searches for your industry. In many ways, this type of paid ad allows you to replicate the experience of having hyper-effective SEO. You are charged whenever a searcher clicks your ad, and as long as you keep paying, you stay at the top.

Local Service Ads

This new type of paid ad channel from Google allows your business listing to appear for relevant search terms, even above the paid and organic listings. With this type of paid ad, you specify the type of work your company does and you are only charged when someone calls you for that service.

Social Media Advertising

Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and Pinterest — you name the social media platform, and it has an ad format that can be used to earn new customers. Social media ads are used to build brand awareness, drive site visitors, and even earn new leads in real-time. Depending on your customer base and industry, one or more of these social media advertising platforms will work for your business.

Partner with WebTek to Put an End to Your Website Not Ranking in Google

You’re tired of worrying and wondering, “Why is my site not ranking?”, and you’re ready to do something about it. If you have time to spend and need to keep your bottom line in check, starting with these 7 points is a great place to begin. However, if you’re ready to partner with an expert, we’ll fix your website not ranking in Google.

Reach out now for a free marketing consultation to discuss your marketing and your goals!