What Does Digital Marketing Cost for Small & Mid-Size Businesses?

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Discover just how affordable internet marketing can be.

Chances are pretty good that someone (either a business coach or a fellow business owner) has encouraged you to try digital marketing. They say it’s effective, laser-focused, and affordable compared to other options.  And they’re right on all accounts. So, when thinking about affordability, what does digital marketing really cost for small businesses? While it depends on your goals, your target area, and the tactics you use, digital marketing can cost between a few hundred and few thousand dollars per month for a small or mid-size business.

In today’s blog, we’re exploring the factors that influence internet marketing pricing — and giving you an idea of where to start with your first digital marketing push. Keep reading to dive into digital marketing costs — or reach out and discuss your company’s needs with a member of our marketing team right now!


Exploring Internet Marketing Pricing

Digital or internet marketing has emerged as one of the go-to channels for businesses of any size — all the way from mom-and-pop pest control companies to halftime sponsors like Pepsi Cola. While Fortune 500 companies might also have an expensive digital presence, for them, it’s just an extra for their national brand. However, countless local businesses rely on digital marketing as their main method to earn prominence and business in their service area. Since you’re wondering what digital marketing costs for real local businesses, that’s what we’re breaking down here.

These are the 3 main factors that determine what you’ll pay for internet marketing:

  • The marketing channels you use (SEO, PPC, Facebook, etc.)
  • The geographic area you want to target
  • How aggressive you want to be with digital marketing

Keeping that in mind, let’s explore some basics of internet marketing pricing:


  1. Introductory Digital Marketing Tier: $500 – $1,000/ Month
    For under $1,000 a month, your business can leverage digital marketing as a way to build a local impression and earn leads. At this digital marketing cost tier, you’ll primarily use SEO or social media marketing to immediately earn leads. This introductory digital marketing price point can be a great starting place and earn huge ROI, particularly with effective SEO dominance. We recommend this investment as a great place to start for businesses who are new to the digital sphere.
  2. Intermediate Digital Marketing Tier: $1,000 – $2,500/ Month
    At this level, you’ll combine two or three digital channels and start to build fairly simple campaigns. At this internet marketing price tier, the vast majority of businesses utilize local SEO as a way to earn continuous qualified leads. This allows them to avoid having to put money into paid services like PPC. For some businesses, this tier can be enough to help them achieve and maintain a successful online marketing presence, particularly in a niche industry without a lot of competition. However, in order to compete in a very crowded market and reach beyond their tri-county area, companies often choose to upgrade after seeing some success in this tier.
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  3. Integrated Digital Marketing Tier: $2,500 – $5,000 / Month
    This range represents one of the most common price points for our clients. At this level, we’ll build you multi-channel integrated marketing campaigns that can show your brand practically in every way people use the internet. The most common tactics for digital marketing at this level include SEO, content creation, Facebook advertising, email marketing, display advertising — and sometimes PPC advertising. Another hallmark of marketing in this price tier is that most of the tactics of the monthly campaigns will often be centered on a particular topic — whether it’s a blog, promotion, or offer. Ultimately, $2,500 to $5,000 per month is a fairly moderate investment compared to traditional advertising channels.
  4. Aggressive Digital Marketing Tier: $5,000+/ Month
     Like any other form of marketing, the greatest success comes from tailoring your investment to your company and your goals. If that goal is to make a huge, immediate, and widespread impact, you’ll want to spend more than $5,000 per month. At this tier, you’ll utilize all of the channels at the previous tier and almost certainly include a heavy investment into PPC Advertising. This level of marketing is right for companies that are competing for high value leads against competitors with deep pockets. In addition, if you want your digital presence to reach coast-to-coast, this is often where you’ll want your digital marketing spend to be. While the investment can look intimidating on the surface, it’s exactly that — an investment. At WebTek, we build marketing initiatives that generate MASSIVE returns on those investments, particularly at the higher price points.


Discuss Digital Marketing Costs with Us

Now that you have a better idea of what digital marketing costs for different types of campaigns, you can start to plan the one that will bring you success. If you’re not sure what you should be spending on marketing, try our custom budget calculator right here.

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However, if you’re still at the very beginning stages of identify your marketing goals, we’d love to have a conversation. We’d like to invite you in for an-depth conversation and strategy session about your marketing needs. Get started today — and request your no-obligation consultation!