The Promise of Trust and Team

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Whenever you make a purchasing decision you want to trust in the product you are buying.

A product in the marketplace must have gone through intervals of testing, quality check points and have met the approval of company decision makers and mandates from the distribution channels making it available to you as a consumer.  Perhaps the product was recommended by a friend, you’ve seen the product somewhere else or you performed other due diligence making you comfortable with the product purchase.

Service Oriented

Sometimes your purchase is not a product, but rather a service that is being offered.  A chiropractor, lawn maintenance, dentist or other professional  in the trade you are needing.  In our case, we offer professional services in the internet marketing and website realm.  When prospects invest in our services, they are putting their trust in us to provide them with what we promise.

In the early days of WebTek, it was easy to assume all responsibility since I pretty much did everything. As WebTek grew over the years and team members were added , I started realizing that promise of trust must be carried down through each and every one that works at WebTek.

Yes, I am the one that is still ultimately responsible for the way things are conducted, but it’s really the team members that carry out daily responsibility and make things happen.  I am needing that same trustworthiness, dependability and  credibility from them, just like our clients are relying on that from me.

The Role of Team Members


I refer to my staff as team members, not employees.  Technically they are employees, but in reality they are much more than that.  My team members are extensions of WebTek’s core values.  I recently modified our company handbook to include:

  • Ethical and Moral Decision Making
  • Trustworthiness
  • Honesty and Fairness
  • Hard Work
  • Integrity
  • Dedication
  • Open Communication
  • Personal Growth and Achievement
  • Pursuit of Excellence

 Not Too Small

Today, we have a team of ten full-time people on staff to deliver what our prospects and clients need.  I love this company size.  We are NOT the small 1-2 person shop with no office location, who might be here today, gone tomorrow.   I literally get stories every week of a friend of a friend, someone from church, part-time guy, upstart, etc… who is now missing in action, gone out of business, unresponsive, doesn’t do this stuff anymore, etc. and companies are left with a half-baked website, no logins, missing domain name info and everything they spent is gone forever.  I even heard of a web guy ending up in jail and his clients couldn’t reach him anymore!

Not Too Big

At the same time, we are not the large agency with huge overhead burden, large payrolls to meet and more expenses than the average small business can afford.  WebTek has the stability, experience  and resources of a larger firm, yet the personable approach of a small company.  What makes this possible?  The team members that belong to WebTek, who take pride in what they do and help other companies and organizations succeed online fulfilling the mission (and tag line) of WebTek.

Things to Consider

Does your company take the same approach?  What do your co-workers represent?  If you were to evaluate your company from a consumers perspective, do you sense the promise of trust?