Swing Set & Playset Marketing Case Study

Adventure World Play Sets
Integrated Marketing Strategy
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Increase in
Web Traffic


Increase in
Playset Leads


Increase in
Brand Impressions


Increase in
New Dealer Inquiries


A manufacturer of high-end swing sets and playsets, Adventure World Play Sets wanted to drive more leads to their nationwide dealer network. Each Adventure World Play Set is hand-built by an Amish craftsman to ensure the highest quality manufacturing and luxury look. The premium materials and custom-building process make these sets somewhat exclusive. As a result, Adventure World Play Sets needed to attract the right customers and build awareness about what makes their sets truly one-of-a-kind.

Adventure World's Fantasy Fortress #F412-3
Adventure World's Fantasy Fortress #F412-3


WebTek developed an integrated marketing campaign for Adventure World Play Sets that prioritized customer education, brand visibility, and immediate lead generation. To educate customers on the unique value of Adventure World Play Sets, we created a series of fun yet informative blog and video assets, each which featured prominent call-to-actions. These assets were then promoted on social media channels using advanced location and demographic targeting. In addition to earning immediate returns, many of the blog assets hold a page one rank nationally for Google searches — and even have been selected for featured snippets — where they continue to generate leads. Finally, the campaign included a component of brand visibility through paid social and web retargeting, to keep the brand in their customer’s minds.

2,500+ Playset Leads
20,000+ Blog Reads
569 New Facebook Likes


By providing edutainment assets centered around the standout qualities of Adventure World Play Sets products, we were able to reach and engage with the right audience every month — in the exact way that they wanted. By providing in-depth information along with a strong visual component, our marketing campaign illustrated why a premium playset was the ONLY choice — and stimulated immediate buying interest. While our promotions earned a huge increase in traffic to the website, we ALSO generated a higher percentage of visits that converted into leads. This correlation proved that not only were we attracting more people, but more of the right people in their target audience. Ultimately, this integrated marketing campaign demonstrates that there is no substitute for honest product education backed by highly-targeted digital marketing delivery.

Our blogs are highly listed on Google, and we’ve noticed an increase in inquiries through our website. People are talking about our product.

Steve King