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Integrated Marketing Strategy
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Eby Exteriors wanted to introduce themselves to new homeowners throughout Lancaster County and beyond. As a full-service home remodeling and renovation company, they perform a wide variety of exterior work ranging from window and siding replacements to building gorgeous new decks. Because of the range of their services — and their expert skill — customers try them out for one job and become clients for life. As a result, acquiring new customers is extremely valuable to Eby Exteriors, and existing customers represented an untapped market. They needed a marketing campaign to acquire new customers and to market to previous ones.

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WebTek created a year-long content marketing campaign for Eby Exteriors with the purpose of building a strong local brand — and creating immediate conversions. To inspire and educate potential customers, WebTek created a series of blog assets centered on a variety of home improvement topics. While some of the blogs provided DIY advice and others offered design inspiration, all of the assets featured conversion points, encouraging readers to contact Eby Exteriors. These informative, visually-appealing blogs were promoted across social media to the ideal target demographic. In addition, these assets formed the centerpiece of a monthly email campaign which sent the informative content to previous customers. Finally, the outreach pillars of the campaign were backed by a remarketing campaign which served branded display ads to newly acquired users, keeping the Eby brand in the forefront of their minds.

402 Home Improvement Leads
4,000+ Blog Reads
845,000 Ads Served


Home renovations are not only a costly endeavor but one that almost always requires in-depth research as well. In the 21st century, that research is done digitally. By providing their target demographic with the information central to their renovation, Eby Exteriors was able to meet interested customers at the very beginning of their buyer’s journey. In addition, since Eby offers a vast range of services, using the email channel to educate previously satisfied customers about other areas of expertise provided a flow of consistent leads. By building a strong, local brand and nurturing previous relationships into new projects, Eby Exteriors enjoyed steady and sustainable growth.

We’ve been getting a consistent flow of leads — it’s become our go-to marketing service. We can get consistent measurable results with what we’re doing here.

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Phil Eby Owner of Eby Exteriors