Barn Supply Manufacturer Marketing Case Study

J&E Grill Manufacturing marketing case study
Integrated Marketing Strategy

Doubling Down on Digital in 2020

The owners, stakeholders, and leaders of nearly every company had to make a decision about how to handle their marketing in the face of the Coronavirus pandemic. While some pulled back their budgets to watch the events play out, others saw an opportunity. J&E Grill, a manufacturer of horse barn materials, increased their digital presence – and saw a huge return. “We increased our services at the beginning of 2020 and are now doing a new website. We already see the benefit of investing more in marketing,” Phil Gascoyn of J&E Grill says. “We chose to double-down with WebTek because we knew they do good quality work and because they built a relationship with us.”


Increase in
Website Clicks


Increase in
Website Leads


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Brand Impressions


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New Visitors


Exploring a Year of Growth

The extra focus on Search Engine Optimization that J&E Grill made led to three things: more visibility in web searches, more visitors to their website, and – most importantly – more leads. This new digital position means that when a prospect searches for any number of keywords related to J&E’s products or niche, their website appears providing key info – and a way to get custom quotes immediately. “Since we’ve switched our plan, we’ve seen a drastic increase in web searches,” Phil notes. “This has been one of our best years in four decades of business – and WebTek played a role in that.”

j and e grill case study
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The Trend of Modernizing Marketing

Coinciding with this push towards digital, J&E transitioned away from traditional print marketing in 2020 and 2021. While special interest magazines had once been the bread-and-butter of barn supply manufacturing, they found they could reach more people and get better ROI from internet marketing. “We moved away from print media and our leads went up,” Phil states. “Once upon a time, you needed to have an ad in the main magazines for people to know about you, but now everyone does their reading online.” By modernizing their marketing, J&E met a new generation of builders, ranchers, and equestrian enthusiasts – and provided the hand-produced products and personal service that is truly timeless.