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Public transportation authorities have an obligation to serve everyone, regardless if they're disabled or not. The Red Rose Transit Authority had a website that wasn't accessible to people with disabilities. Their website wasn't optimized for mobile and their site architecture had hidden navigation that wasn't visible until you visited a service page. Performance was also not optimized for mobile meaning it loaded slower over weak cellular reception.


We designed and developed a responsive solution with a strong focus on accessibility and section 508 compliance. We organized the navigation to make it easier to navigate to every section of the website. We placed a strong emphasis on route schedules, route alerts, and route detours to make it easier for the general public to stay up to date. The website was optimized to load over weak cellular reception, which greatly increases the usability of the site.

Style Guide

We created a styleguide that added more contrast and is vibrant. These colors helps to make the site bright and inviting.


The Red Rose Transit Authority exists to provide effective public transportation services to the citizens of Lancaster County and to perform these services at the highest standards of safety, courtesy, reliability, and efficiency.

The Red Rose Transit Authority has very high standards, so the website needed to match those standards. The website had to be just as reliable as their public transportation service and make those services more efficient through its use.

Red Rose Transportation Authority for Mobile 1 2 3
1 Reorganized for Mobile

The content was designed for mobile first, eliminating any bloat that may affect performance for mobile devices.

2 Responsive Transit Schedules

Three quarters of the traffic to the Red Rose Transit Authority website were to transit schedules so we had to make sure these were accessible for everyone.

3 Access To Route Delays

Route alerts and detours are displayed around the transit schedules to help riders avoid missing a bus.

Red Rose Transportation Authority Routes 1 2
1 Focus On Schedules

Schedules, and anything related to schedules, are the primary focus of this website. We had to design the schedules to be easily manageable and usable.

2 Access to schedule info

Routes are accessible through a quick menu as well as through keyboard usage.

Red Rose Transportation Authority 1 2
1 Showing All Services

In order to make navigation accessible on every page with out confusion, we included a large footer with all service links listed.

2 Showing Secondary Links

We also place a focus on the secondary links in the footer below the services. A user can navigate this entire website via the footer.

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