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A winery’s image is very important. Vynecrest realized they had a website that didn’t match their company’s image and brand. Their website was designed for desktop only, which created a problem for customers using the site on mobile devices.


We came up with a responsive solution with a darker, more refined color palette with the use of some textures that made the design seem more classic and established. The approach is device agnostic meaning it should work at any resolution and on any device.

Style Guide

We created a styleguide that blended the classic wine culture as well as Vynecrest’s modern beginnings in 1974.

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Our wines speak to our dedication in producing fine wines. With over twenty wines ranging from red to white, dry to sweet, we are committed to making only quality wines. We enjoy what we do and we hope you enjoy the fruits of our labor!

We designed the Vynecrest homepage to focus on, and compliment Vynecrest's dedication to producing quality wines. Their dedication really impressed us so we wanted to match that level of quality and dedication with this design.

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1 Present the brand

Presenting the brand front and center was important to show current and new customers that they are an established, respected winery.

2 Focus on the wine

For a winery, focusing on their wine is extremely important. This section has a call to action to view their wine as well as order it online.

3 Highlight locations

They run various events at the winery so we wanted to highlight those as well as their multiple locations where customers can visit.

4 Wine of the month

They needed a place to market their monthly deals that stood out and didn't clutter the layout.

5 Large Footer

We designed a large footer to make their wines and contact info accessible on any page.

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