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Top Manufacturing Website Design & Marketing Methods

In engineering and manufacturing, it’s all about what works, what is cost effective, and what is new. You’re constantly improving either your process or your products, but how are you promoting those incredible milestones to potential new partnerships?

You design to make your customer’s lives easier – and so do we. There are lots of ideas our team can use to help make this the best manufacturing website you’ve ever had! When designing the overall look of a top manufacturing website, there are a few key factors that go into creating it – no matter what type of products you manufacture. Let’s explore a few of those key factors:

Start Generating Leads
  • Great Visuals

    The part of your business customers are interested in most are your products, process, and people – showcase them all on your website via high-quality video production or photos!

  • Product Inspiration

    Give your customers ideas for how they can utilize your products in their own company! Having a page on your manufacturing website about what makes your product unique is key.

  • Reviews & Testimonials

    If you’ve got good reviews – flaunt them! Your existing customer’s feedback helps build confidence to your potential ones, and should be prominent on your manufacturing website.

  • Name, Address & Phone

    When someone wants to get in touch with your company, make it easy for them to find your contact information. List your NAP details in the header or footer of your manufacturing site.

Ingredients for the Best Manufacturing Website Design

Today, every B2B and B2C company needs to have a strong online presence in order to experience digital growth. Websites are just one of the main ways to create that strong online presence!

No matter if you want an Ecommerce manufacturing website design to sell specialized hardware online, or if you just need an informational site about patented new machinery your team designed, WebTek is the team to rely on for success online. By implementing a mixture of both basic and advanced website design principles, we can wholeheartedly create you your best manufacturing website yet.

If you’d like to speak with a web design and marketing specialist, or if you’re wondering how much a new website might cost, call our team at 717-859-3250 today!


  • 143% Increase in Traffic w/ Marketing
  • 462% Growth in Leads w/ Marketing Plan
  • 128% New Dealer Interest w/ Marketing

Effective Marketing for the Manufacturing Industry

If a website is a car, then marketing is the fuel. What do we mean by that? A website is an investment, it’s something that can get you to where you want to go, but without the right fuel pushing it, the car won’t get anywhere.

Just because you have one of the top manufacturing websites on the internet, doesn’t promise that users will visit it. By taking advantage of social media advertising, email marketing, SEO and other manufacturing marketing services offered by WebTek, you can fill your engines tank with the fuel it needs to soar. Traditional marketing can reach many people, but that doesn’t necessarily mean they are the right people to turn into customers. With digital marketing, we can implement detailed targeting to ensure your manufacturing marketing dollars are spent the most cost-effective way.

Is your marketing hitting the right audience? Find out now with a free consultation from WebTek. Schedule your obligation-free call today.

Take Your Manufacturing
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Why Partner with a Manufacturing Marketing Agency?

More people deserve to know about your inspiring products and services – and a manufacturing marketing agency can help make that happen! Finding a manufacturing marketing company that can confidently handle all your website and marketing needs may seem like an overwhelming task, but we’re here to make it easy.

In your competitive industry, every lead counts. When you team up with a manufacturing marketing company like WebTek, you benefit from our 20+ years of expertise! Take your next quarter’s revenue to a new level with any of these manufacturing marketing services below:

How to Choose Your Manufacturing Marketing Agency

A steady client base is what keeps your business running smoothly, and the manufacturing marketing team at WebTek can help make that possible for you. When searching for the best manufacturing marketing agency, remember to look for one that is experienced, honest, and communicates openly with you. At WebTek, we’ve been designing top manufacturing websites and performing effective marketing for over 20 years. Through those years, we’ve gained experience in knowing what works and what doesn’t when it comes to marketing for the manufacturing industry. Our team keeps you involved throughout the entire website-building process and communicates with you regularly during marketing months.

If want to embark on your very own custom marketing plan, or you are ready to create the best manufacturing website design with WebTek, fill out our short form or call 717-859-3250.


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  • A team of true professionals. They created our website just how we wanted it.

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  • The WebTek staff created a website that looked and functioned exactly as we wanted it too. Our integrated web store is bringing in many new customers, and having the ability to display photos and product descriptions helps the customers better understand what our company has to offer! The ongoing support from WebTek is fantastic!

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