Creating high-quality content that is information-rich and engaging helps to build rapport, show you're an expert in your field and educate your readers.

How Blogging Helps to Strengthen Your Online Reputation

Blogging is a process of creating articles and posting them online. Some blogs are themed to specific subject matter, other blogs cover a range of topics that the author is interested in. It's a low-cost way of self-publishing content that is important to you. When businesses use blogging as a marketing strategy, they are providing original and helpful content in their field of expertise in hopes of reaching an audience that needs educated or informed in that area. This might be for an upcoming purchase or a big decision where consumers are in research mode and need an authoratative voice to provide insight and helpful information to educate the consumer.

The Power of Blogging & Expanding Your Audience

While consumers are in research mode and looking for this information and a unique perspecitve from someone in the industry, they will hopefully find you and your company through the blog posting. They may bookmark, share or subscribe to your blog so they can read more posts you put out in the future. This is naturally a great of getting followers. As your blog grows and you provide more and more great content and articles, you start to be perceived as an expert in your field. You can also make your blog articles interactive by allowing comments and discussions therefore creating engagement with your readers.

Search Engines & Blogging

As you start to become a recognized contributor of helpful information, you also get noticed by search engines. Google and other search engines will reward your website as a whole if they see you providing great information to their search users. Although you can have a blog that does not reside on your website, in most cases it is best to have the blog on your website for this reason. Search engines will also index your article if it provides answers to questions people search for.

Is Blogging Right for You?

Blogging is not for everyone. It is a time commitment and requires consistent dedication. Do you like writing? If you don't like writing, WebTek can write the blog articles for you with some research and or phone interviewing. We can also offer marketing consulting to help you come up with blog post ideas and strategies. If you feel comfortable you can allow other members of your staff to write on your blog too.

Blogging Tips

As a company, it is best to blog on topics that are relevant to the services/products you provide at the same time answering questions people might be searching for. If you are a heating/cooling contractor, a great blog post might be "How to clean your Air Filter" or "How long does a furnace last". These probably aren't your first choice of keywords you want to be found for, but you can capture a whole new audience of people looking for answers to these questions. This is known as long-tailed-keywords which generally contains longer search phrases that people might be searching.

Additional Blogging Tips

  • Write How-To articles and Top 3 or Top 5 lists
  • Do not try to sell your product or service in the post
  • Provide great information and resist the urge to put in your sales pitch
  • Keep articles to 200-500 words
  • Seek out topics that people are searching for.
  • Keyword optimize your posts and interlink blog articles
  • Always create useful content
  • Blog weekly or at least monthly
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