Conversion Marketing

Our performance-driven internet marketing plans focus on identifying targets for your KPIs and creating a strategy for reaching these targets.

What is Conversion Marketing?

Conversion Marketing is perhaps a term you haven't heard as much, but the concept should be familiar. With this marketing strategy we revisit all online areas with a marketing eye and change things up to have a higher lead conversion. The idea is to convert as many of your website visitors to leads and ultimately sales. In theory, you could be getting a great amount of traffic and generating some leads, but there could be many more converted if there was better call-to-actions and other techniques used.

If you fix your Conversion Marketing issues, you could triple your leads.

You must convert your visitors, ask who they are, give them a reason for them to leave their name. We equate this to someone walking into your retail store, and not saying hi to them. How poor is that?

This could be putting your phone number at the top of the screen in a bigger font size or with a visual graphic to get more visitors to call you. It could be putting an online chat feature asking the visitor if they have questions or want to chat with a sales representative. It could be putting a call-to-action button on the bottom of each page asking for them to fill out a quote or contact form. It could be building landing pages for your pay-per-click campaigns or perhaps doing a completely new website design.

Perhaps the most over looked area could be the home page itself. That is consistenly the most visited page on any website and often the doorway to your website. If that doesn't convince the visitor to stay, it doesn't matter how good your conversion techniques are on the subpages, they will never see them. If you were to visit your site and had 5 seconds to decide if you wanted to stay on this site, would you? Google analytics provides great information to help analyze traffic studies and visitor behavior on your website. Use that to your advantage. If you need help interpruting those numbers, we can help you. Contact us today!

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