Facebook Advertising

With over 152 million users in North America and the ability to narrow down your advertising criteria to only target a specific set of demographics and users...who wouldn't take advantage of Facebook Advertising?

Why Facebook Advertising is Necessary

With over 1.35+ billion active users on Facebook worldwide, and 152 million users in North America, Facebook is without a doubt the largest social networking platform in the world and the second most popular website on the internet (behind Google).

Whether you want to get more likes to your page, sell products, generate leads, or just boost brand awareness, advertising on Facebook is a great way to precisely reach a broad audience or niche market. We can target your ads to be displayed to your exact target audiences based on social and geographic information such as age, gender, location, occupation, hobbies, and many more.

We can define your target audience and develop a Facebook Advertising campaign with ads to cater to and intrigue those users.

Our Facebook Advertising Services Include:

Page Development – Don't have a Facebook page? No worries, we can set one up for you and optimize it to provide your audience with the information they need.
Audience Identification – We will work with you to define your ideal target audience and give you an estimate on the size and budget to reach them.
Creative Ads – We create customized ads based on your brand, products, promotions, or services that will entice your audience to click and discover more.
Monthly Reports – Using both Facebook Insights and Google Analytics, we are able to track the progress of your campaign and report on detailed metrics such as user demographics, how they engage with your ads and website, and conversions.

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