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The time is now to align serious attention to your digital marketing efforts in an attempt to revolutionize your business online by harnessing the full power the internet offers. There is no other advertising medium that can be as effective for such a small cost. If you have a new company or even one that has been around as long as the capital building itself, you probably understand the importance that the Internet plays on corporate America today. Search engine optimization (SEO) and other digital marketing strategies are the fuel that powers your new website. When you hire the right Harrisburg digital marketing agency, new website traffic starts finding your website. Our goal at WebTek is to get you qualified visitors that convert to leads and to take your digital marketing in Harrisburg to levels you haven’t experienced before. WebTek lets our clients back up our claims, with a high volume of glowing 5-star reviews found on Google and other platforms and even on our own website. Will you partner with us too?

How Much Should I Spend On Marketing?

While 6% to 10% of revenue is average, other factors determine what you should spend on marketing. Use our calculator to discover your budget now!

Achieve 10%+ ROI with Effective Marketing

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Digital Marketing That:

    • Fills Your Pipeline
    • Tracks For Proven ROI
    • Makes Your Phone Ring
    • Increases Traffic Flow
    • Delivers Qualified Leads
    • Increases Sales/Profits


Custom Packages

Being full-service, WebTek has a plethora of specialized marketing packages and custom plans designed to align with the marketing services your company needs to succeed online.

Affordable Rates

The prices for our digital marketing services are competitive, and the return on investment our clients enjoy is massive! When you invest with WebTek, you get a partner, not a vendor!

Goal Driven

How is marketing success measured? When goals are met, leads are generated and your pipeline is full of work. That’s our job and commitment to you when you put your trust in us.

Proven Results

You don’t want a new digital marketing company guessing with your marketing budget. Our 20+ years in marketing equates to a proven track record of results and nothing less.

Digital marketing is Powerful

For many businesses, digital marketing has become the primary strategy as it provides highly targeted solutions to accomplish a variety of business goals. Simply put, it is powerful! Whether you want to build a locally recognized brand, acquire your ideal customer, or sell your product from coast-to-coast, digital marketing engine that drives online success. Business owners across Harrisburg are reallocating advertising money normally spent on traditional marketing, by investing it into digital marketing and putting a greater emphasis on their website, SEO and internet marketing efforts to drive more traffic and become an online resource. Also unlike traditional advertising, almost all digital marketing is trackable, meaning we can measure how successful campaigns are. We put together some statistics and proof from what other companies like you experienced by letting WebTek run their internet marketing efforts. Click the orange block to see the results.

WebTek doesn’t just stop with proven results for our clients, we want to ensure future campaigns are successful too. Our team is continually researching new tools, trends, strategies and platforms coming to market. Clients choose us because of the wide spectrum of tools in our internet marketing arsenal — they stay with us because of our proven track record, competitive pricing, experience and strategic thinking.

Your Harrisburg Marketing Could Look Like This:

Heating & Cooling Industry

Playset Manufacturer

Automotive Industry

Home Remodeling Company

SEO Harrisburg

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) remains one of the strongest digital marketing strategies around. SEO focuses on getting your website listed naturally and organically on the first page of Google, right below the paid advertisements. This is where most people look when they are searching for what they need, therefore this is where you want your website to be listed. As an example, if users were to search “SEO Harrisburg PA” or “SEO Companies in Harrisburg”, we would want our website to be shown instead of other digital marketing companies offering SEO. Chances are you’re reading this because of something you searched, and Google gave you our website because we excel with SEO in Harrisburg

We are a full-service digital marketing company offering web design, mobile websites, search engine optimization (SEO), internet marketing, social media marketing, and more. If your company is in the Harrisburg area, please reach out to us and see what we can do for you!

Digital Marketing Packages

At WebTek, our full-line of digital marketing packages including search, social, advertising, content and more. Depending on your target market, budget, specific goals and how aggressive you want to get, you may benefit from one or a variety of the services listed below. That’s where we come in! We’re not here to sell you on SEO or Facebook Advertising – we’re here to provide you with the proper information so that you can make the best decisions possible for the future of your company. When you trust us as your online marketing partner, we work to find the marketing strategies that will return the maximum result for your company. We understand that internet marketing can be confusing and overwhelming – that’s why we’re here to answer all of your questions… even some of the ones you haven’t thought of yet. Discover our most popular internet marketing packages — and let’s start the conversation today!

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