Pay-Per-Click Advertising

This form of paid advertising is designed to bring extremely qualified traffic to your website based on your defined budget.

What is Pay-Per-Click?

Pay-Per-Click (PPC) in its shortest form is advertising. You are paying to have your advertisement displayed, but only charged when someone clicks on your ad. You select the keywords and demographics you want your ad to show for. The more competitive those choices, the more you can expect to pay. It turns into a bidding war. The more someone is willing to pay-per-click, the more prominent their ad will be displayed. To keep budgets from running rampant, most PPC platforms have budget restraints in place. When your budget is reached, your ads stop showing until the next cycle begins.

There are a bunch of PPC platforms you can advertise on. The biggest network is Google Adwords. There is also Facebook, Bing, Yahoo, and a bunch of others. On Google, you've probably noticed the slightly colored box at the top of search results. Those first couple listings are PPC ads and are discretely labeled that way. In the right hand column, you will also see PPC ads. The search results in the main body of the page is what search engine marketers call "organic" because they are natural and people are bidding and paying money to be there. Most people click on the organic search results, but some do click on the PPC ads. To get your website to show up in the organic search results section, you will need search engine optimization.

What is Pay-Per-Click Management?

Pay-Per-Click Management is simply managing your PPC campaigns. WebTek can setup your PPC campaigns, define what keywords you want to target and establish the demographics you want to reach. We create compelling headlines and engaging ad text that directs people to the corresponding webpage you want them to see when they click on your ad. We can monitor the progress or the campaigns and adjust things as necessary to try and optimize your advertising spend.

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