Retargeting & Remarketing

  • What is remarketing?
  • When are retargeting ads used?
  • Can remarking be dynamic?
  • Are Google retargeting ads effective?

Retargeting & Remarketing Ads Explained

Let’s say you’re shopping online for a new car. You find a sporty, red SUV you really like, but decide to continue shopping around. While you move on to the next website, you notice an ad for that same red car following you. You may think that this is a coincidence, but it isn’t – this, is a search retargeting ad.

Similarly, if you’re browsing on Facebook for cheap hotels in Peru, you may start “ironically” noticing ads appearing for travel agencies, or hotel prices in South America. Ladies and gentlemen: Facebook retargeting ads!

Retargeting, also commonly referred to as remarketing, is an effective digital marketing strategy designed to help keep your brand in front of users – even after they leave your website. Think of your search or Facebook retargeting ads like a billboard along the road. Except, this billboard only shows to qualified users and comes at a fraction of the cost.

While retargeting on its own can be a powerful branding method, it works best when in conjunction with a larger digital marketing strategy.

Getting the Most Out of Your Retargeting Ads

Marketing methods like Google Adwords or search engine optimization (SEO) help get users to your site and great content marketing encourages them to stay there. However, retargeting ads capitalize on users once they leave your site and converts them into customers.

Reaping the most benefits of retargeting marketing requires attractive ads, a full-proof strategy, and a highly skilled team – all things which WebTek handles in-house.



Is Retargeting Marketing Right for Your Business?

Just like with any other form of marketing, it’s not a “one size fits all” approach. Some methods work fantastically for certain industries, while those same methods may not prove as beneficial for others. At WebTek, we want to make sure you get ONLY the best approach for your investment.

General web and Facebook retargeting ads tend to perform best for companies who:

  • Sell products online
  • Have a longer sales cycle like renovation contractors or home builders
  • Frequently run promotions or sales
  • Want to “get their name out” like start-ups
  • Have a predetermined service location

Still unsure if retargeting marketing is right for your business? Pick up the phone and give us a call, or schedule your free marketing consultation online today.

Benefits of Retargeting Services for Small Business & E-commerce Sites

So very often, companies spend an abundance of time and money trying to get new customers that they neglect the ones who have already shown potential.

One of the major benefits of a retargeting strategy is that it continues the conversation, even after the customer leaves your website. It’s like a familiar friend saying, “We’re still here for you!” when you need it most.

In our experience, we have seen small business and E-commerce websites tend to experience the most success from custom retargeting services. With retargeting you can:

  • Increase brand awareness – Creating trust with a customer can take time. The more exposure the better!
  • Send conversion rates skyrocketing – Having ads that follow users keep your brand in the forefront of their mind when the time does come for them to make a purchase. Some sources say that web visitors who are retargeted are 70% more likely to return and convert!
  • Minimize costs, maximize ROI – Because you are remarketing to people who have already shown an interest in your company, you get more bang for your advertising dollars.
  • Stand out from competitors – Even if your competitors already have a retargeting strategy underway, yours can stand out based on the text, targeting, and services you promote!

Removing the Roadblocks to Revenue
The amount of qualified traffic leaving your website without making a purchase or submitting your contact form can be startling. According to some sources, only 2% of website traffic converts on the first visit. That means the majority of your website visitors are slipping through the sales cycle cracks, and you may not even know it!

Lancaster’s Trustworthy Retargeting Company

Take back the traffic you’ve worked so hard for and increase brand awareness with a custom retargeting campaign from WebTek, one of Lancaster County’s top retargeting companies. We’re here to help you recapture the 98% of those users and convert them from mere window shoppers to repeating customers.

Let’s create your best retargeting campaign yet! Get started for free with a complimentary consultation with our knowledgeable team.