Writing guest posts for blogs is a great way to expand your online reputation and increase your overall web presence.

What it Blog Guest Posting?

Blog Guest Posting is a white-hat link building strategy that is often a win-win for both parties involved. In addition to doing your own content marketing on your own site, other site owners often welcome well written blog articles from outside authors. This is referred to as a blog guest posting or simply “guest posting”. When you contribute great content to someone else’s website or blog, most times they will allow you to include a link back to your website in return for the article. This strategy works well for the blog owner because he gets great content for his blog without having to write it. It works well for the guest writing the article because they get a quality link back to their website with anchor text of their choice. And it works great for the search engines because both parties are providing great content for readers, which is really what Google is after.

It is good to try and establish relationships with bloggers and even comment on some of their prior blog posts as a way to start the relationship. Bloggers are much more receptive to a guest writing an article for their blog if they know who they are, as opposed to someone that is contacting them for the first time with an interest in only getting an article posted.

Same rules apply here as with most other criteria when trying to obtain inbound links. The more authoritative the website or blog, the higher that link back to you counts. When taking the time to contribute a great article, make sure the link back is from a web page that has some clout.

Blog guest posting is a link building strategy we use in our seo packages. Contact us to see how we can use this strategy to get your website ranked higher.

Article Writing

Article writing is another very effective link building strategy. The concept is similar to blog guest posting in where you contribute an article in exchange for a link back to your website. The length, content, relevancy of the article depends on where the article is going. They can be posted on literally hundreds of different types of websites including wiki articles, how-to articles, and top 10 lists. Some very popular article driven websites are Squidoo and Hugpages. Both of these as well as many others have strict guidelines for the articles they accept. This is partly what makes them authoritative.

What doesn’t work well is when people try to submit that same article to hundreds of websites. Quality article driven websites usually want the article run through CopyScape, a slick online tool that scours the Internet to see if the article is unique. Original, unique, well written articles with great content is what article websites are looking for as well as search engines.

In return for the great content, you will often get a signature link or even be able to include several links in the article itself. In 2011 Google released a major algorithm update and named it Panda. Pre-Panda, many black-hat marketers would write an article and spin it using software than would alter it in an attempt to make many unique versions on the same article. Panda penalized sites that would do that. Article writing is one of the link building strategies we offer in our SEO Packages.