Directory Submissions

Making sure your business is listed in quality business directories is a great way to expand your backlink portfolio.

How to Make Directory Submissions

Directory submissions is another one of those areas that is often marketed in a way to sound attractive, but actually could be detrimental. When looking for search engine marketing services, you might find offers of 1000 directory submissions for $29.95, or something to that effect. I know that might sound enticing, but think about it. If something only costs that much, it can’t take long to do and it certainly will not appear natural to Google.

The correct ways to get directory submission is to seek out and differentiate between authoritative directories and junk directories. If you feel the directory neighborhood is a good place for a search engine to find a link to your website, and feel that it is an authority in the content it provides, then it very well may be a good place to submit to as you build inbound links.

The submission process should be a manual process too. You should manually drill down and find the most appropriate category to submit your website link to. Sure there is software to automate this process, and that is what can drive down the cost down on this service being offered. However, you can get the best results from manual work and being selective in the process.

There are free-for-all directories that make it really easy to obtain all the links it can, those typically are not the good ones to submit to. Arguably the best directory out there is DMOZ, which is supposedly run by real people manually making sure directory submissions into its database are done right by ensuring their strict submission guidelines and procedures were followed correctly. It’s free to get listed but is harder to get listed. The Yahoo directory is also an authoritative directory, but it costs $299/yr to be listed in it.

So in summary, don’t fall for marketing packages that offer hundreds of directory submissions for low prices. There aren’t that many directories you need to be a part of, and the ones you should be a part of don’t want you trying to automate their submission guidelines.

WebTek seeks out local and authoritative and even niche specific directories that hold value and are great places to get links from. These directory submissions are part of our internet marketing packages. Signup today and see how our marketing packages can work for you.