Create innovative content that encourages user-engagement and ultimately results in a wider reach and top-of-mind awareness.

Custom Infographics that Engage Web Users

You may have seen them before, but may not have realized what they were called. An infographic, or information graphic, is a data visualization tool that tells a story or relays an idea in a way that is captivating and memorable. Instead of a bunch of words describing what the author wants to communicate, it is conveyed through the use of an illustration of graphics, words and typography in one large image.

Infographics can sometimes tell the story quicker, easier and drive the point home faster than reading a bunch of text. For this reason, a quality infographic can be shared and linked to. This strategy goes along with the concept that providing great content will naturally get inbound links. Share your infographic with your friends and business associates. Your page will get indexed by search engines and could even go viral on social channels and before you know it, you could have many people linking to your infographic webpage…that’s how inbound links are created naturally.

Link Baiting

Link baiting is just a more general form of an infographic. Link baiting is really creating something on your website specifically designed to gain attention and get people to link to you. Link Baiting can be in the form of an infographic, written out great content, a quiz, funny picture, survey, content or anything else that might get people to share your link. How can you create link bait for your website?