SEO is ever-changing and sometimes tactics that worked yesterday are no longer effective today. Luckily, our internet marketing experts can help you remove harmful links and cleanup your backlink portfolio.

Did Your Google Rankings Drop

If your Google search engine rankings recently dropped, it is likely due to a punishment handed out by Google for doing bad SEO. Google has really cracked down on websites that are trying to maniuplate search results with sneaky SEO strategies. Perhaps you hired a SEO agency to get you higher rankings and you were naive to their processes and are now sitting victim of Google’s wrath wondering what to do next.


Burned by Bad SEO? Try Our 90-Day Detox

In our 90-day Detox Program, we will go through your all your links, and try to rid your link profile of those evil toxins. This takes time and a lot of manual work to detox your account, but might be more affordable than you think. If fact if you do nothing, it will cost you more from lost rankings. You need to recover and these are the steps to do it. Some severly damaged link profiles may take longer to cleanse than others. Here is an article on Assessing Your Link Damage. You can also use our tool below to get a free link audit report.

  • Get a Backlink Analysis
  • Generate a Report of Bad Links
  • Scrape webmasters contact info
  • Request removal of bad links
  • Continue removal requests
  • Generate Final Report
  • Google disavow request
  • Google Reconsideration Letter

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