SEO Pricing

Search engine marketing done right, takes time and does involve a small investment and commitment on your end.

Search Engine Optimization Prices

How much does it cost? Ah, something everyone wants to know. Before pricing can be given, you really need to understand what search engine optimization (SEO) is and how it is achieved. You must know what White Hat SEO and Black Hat SEO is. You must understand in this industry at least, low pricing is generally not the SEO packages you want to participate in. Low cost SEO usually translates to spammy techniques. Search engine marketing done right, takes time and does involve a small investment and commitment on your end.

Different internet marketing companies and web agencies will have different techniques and strategies. It is vital that you understand what they are doing and that they are transparent with you in the techniques they are using. There is a tremendous amount of solicitors online trying to make a quick buck with all types of promises, cheap prices, flashy ads and other junk. How do you sort out the good from the bad? Pick an internet marketing company with a good reputation and stay clear of Internet scams.

How Many Keywords Can You Pick?

If you really understand how search engine marketing works, you will understand that you cannot target more than a handful of keywords phrases at a time on a moderate budget. The reason is simply that good links take time to build and time is money. Gone are the days of building quick links for a bunch of keywords you want to rank for. Actually some companies still do this, just stay clear from those that promise too many keywords at a time.

The result of too many keywords in a monthy seo package, is a watered down diluted effect for all the keywords based on the amount of hours dedicated to the campaign. In other words if you have 8 hours a month to invest in an SEO campaign, with a good SEO strategy taking 1 hour per link, is it realistic to think you can effectively target 10-20 keywords? You will be much further ahead targeting 3-4 keywords and will get rank that much quicker.

Guaranteed SEO

If you really understand SEO, you will know that no one can guarantee results, not even Google. Google and other search engines will rank you depending on where they feel you are best suited for the keyword phrases being searched. If someone guarantees something like that, run away fast. The only exception to that might be if they are talking pay-per-click and not organic SEO. In that case yes, whoever is willing to pay the most can show up on the first page of Google in the “Sponsored Ads” section, but that is just pure advertising and not SEO… which should be another reason to run because they are obviously trying to deceive you by calling it SEO. We are here to educate you and help you understand.