Deploying search engine optimization tactics that follow search engines guidelines for best practices.

White Hat SEO vs Black Hat SEO

What is Black Hat and White Hat SEO? Did you ever hear of these terms? Let me explain. “White Hat” refers to link building strategies and other Internet Marketing methods that are 100% ethical, clean and abide by the guidelines that Google and other search engines require. “Black Hat” is the opposite. Black Hat engages in sneaky or manipulative ways to trick search engines into giving them higher rankings.

Black hat link building has worked in the past, but Google is slamming the door on the few loop holes that still exist. Recent updates to Google’s algorithm has slapped websites engaging in these activities with low rankings or even complete banning from search results. Whenever Google has a major update to its ranking algorithm, it gives it a name. The last 2 major updates were named “Panda” and “Penguin”. Many Internet marketing companies are all too familiar with these terms and still cringe when they hear the names.

Although almost all search engine optimization service providers and Internet marketing companies claim they do “White-Hat”, there are many companies that actually sneak in black-hat strategies to get quicker results and most have paid the price for that. Those that continue to dabble in black-hat will get reprimanded as well, it’s just a matter of time. Google’s computer bot they created is supposed to be 10x smarter than the average Harvard graduate.

In summary, link building strategies must be clean and abide by what search engines require. WebTek only engages in these best practices and Google rewards our effort by ranking out Internet marketing clients websites well. Can you do the same for you?

Negative SEO

Although links are generally good to get, there are links that will absolutely have no effect on your ranking. You can literally have 1,000 inbound links that don’t help your ranking at all. In contrast, you could realistically have 1 link that can boost your rankings. In theory, you could have inbound links that actually have a negative effect on your rankings. If you have links from adult, gaming, drug enhancing sites or other websites that have a bad reputation, those links can help tank your reputation and authority that you are trying to build.