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Instagram Advertising – Why Instagram Marketing is Effective

The image-first social media platform, Instagram has quickly become a premier social media platform attracting a wide and active audience. The highly visual format paired with its widespread popularity have made Instagram sponsored ads the perfect vehicle to grow certain types of businesses.

An effective Instagram marketing strategy will tell your brand story, create brand recognition, and earn new customers.

In order to be effective, paid promotion on Instagram requires a skilled marketing team to create the perfect message and image strategy to engage with your ideal audience. In addition, Instagram advertising gives you access to complex demographic information to ensure the right audience sees your message.

Why an Instagram strategy makes sense for businesses:

  • Instagram is becoming an increasingly popular social media platform among people of all ages.
  • The form is very visual so your marketing images and videos will be at home among the other content.
  • In-depth demographic targeting options, just like Facebook Advertising.

What is the Best Instagram Marketing Strategy?

The best Instagram marketing strategy involves a combination of both paid and non-paid services. The promoted Instagram ads you run will appear in the feeds of people who fit your ideal demographic targeting. The only thing that distinguishes your sponsored content from their friends’ posts is the small sponsored tag that will be at the top of your ad.

While Instagram paid ads are the primary way in which we use the platform for new customer acquisition, maintaining your profile for followers is key as well. By updating your profile with new products, activities, and promotions, you improve client retention and can even reinvigorate interest in people that haven’t thought about your business in a while. By utilizing both of these tactics, you make the strategies more effective.

Since Instagram is tied into the Facebook advertising network, Instagram ad costs are very similar to Facebook. While individual prices differ based on your aims and your business, we generally recommend a starting budget of between $400 and $800.

Why Do People Choose Instagram Advertising?

Businesses use Instagram paid ads to accomplish a wide range of business goals. Instagram marketing can be used to create local attention for an upcoming event or a sale that your business is holding. This is accomplished by setting a very specific local geographic area while leaving the other demographic targeting fairly broad. This will serve your sponsored Instagram ads to a wide range of people in your area. However, if you’d rather promote a niche product or company nationwide, the right paid strategy allows for that as well. Instead of setting a tight geographic area, we’ll opt for a wider range, yet focus the interest targeting to highlight people with very specific interests. This allows you to use Instagram ads to promote a local restaurant or a niche product like hand-crafted pergolas.

Trust Your Instagram Advertising to an Expert

Even if you love updating your own Instagram and are very fluent in the platform, we still recommend trusting a specialist for Instagram sponsored ads. Maximizing the effectiveness of your paid Instagram promotion is more similar to managing a PPC campaign as opposed to running a social media platform.

We always advocate trusting your company’s Instagram marketing strategy to a skilled digital marketing agency – here’s what we do differently:

  • Create all content including images and visuals
  • Make real-time tweaks to the campaign for better ROI
  • Easy-to-understand monthly campaign reports
  • Advanced demographic audience targeting
  • Dedicated account strategist in Lancaster, PA
  • A/B ad testing to maximize performance

If you want to turn this ever-popular social media giant to work building your business, our team is here to help. Reach out today!