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LinkedIn Advertising – How to Do Marketing with LinkedIn

LinkedIn has earned a place as the networking platform for businesspeople in almost every industry. Given its popularity with stakeholders and decision-makers, it can be the perfect place to earn highly-qualified leads for your business.

Effective LinkedIn advertising will deliver the precise company message or value proposition to the ideal audience group.

While you may use LinkedIn for personal or company use, leveraging it as a lead generating tool requires experience and a keen understanding of how to most efficiently use LinkedIn marketing channels. Partnering with an experienced digital marketing agency is crucial when advertising on LinkedIn to maximize the targeting options and ensure the most favorable placements for your advertising money.

Why LinkedIn advertising makes sense for business:

  • Your ads are positioned alongside other relevant professional content
  • Your ideal prospects look to LinkedIn as a serious platform to find solutions
  • Advanced demographic options are available, including targeting by job title

How to Use LinkedIn for Marketing

Paid marketing on LinkedIn is primarily used to promote text-based, image-based, and video-based ads into the news feeds of your prospects. These paid ads are tagged as promoted but otherwise the format and content resemble organic posts. Promoting an offer, a service, or a piece of valuable expert content is one of the proven tactics for converting LinkedIn users into site visitors – and eventually into customers.

LinkedIn pricing tends to be a bit higher than other social media channels such as Facebook advertising. However, the business focus and the advanced targeting make the premium cost of LinkedIn advertising a prudent investment for many businesses. While exact prices differ based on individual goals and your specific industry, we generally recommend clients start with a monthly budget of between $800 to $1,000.

While paid ads are the main focus for new business acquisition on this social media platform, organic LinkedIn marketing is also a tactic WebTek employs to build your brand. This type of LinkedIn outreach is done by posting valuable content for your existing connections to see – and making respectful connections with relevant new business prospects.

Why Advertising on Linked is So Effective for B2B Services

The best strategies for business on LinkedIn work with – rather than against – the B2B focus of the platform and the professionally-minded user base. While LinkedIn isn’t exclusively for business and business services, from our experience, the best-performing LinkedIn marketing campaigns utilize this dimension. In its simplest form: this is accomplished by promoting a niche offer to a group of users with the greatest likelihood to be interested based on their industry and position. While traditional social media platforms offer too broad of an audience, LinkedIn allows you to restrict the reach to people who understand and can utilize your service. Consider this: on Instagram, people rarely share information about their job and industry – on LinkedIn, that’s standard practice!

Here’s an example of putting this strategy in action with LinkedIn advertising: Let’s say you own a commercial roofing company, and you’re looking to earn leads for maintenance contracts for retirement homes. You know that people who make these decisions generally have titles like “Facility Manager” or “Maintenance Director” – and they often request roof inspections as the first step of the bidding process. Taking all of this information, WebTek would create a campaign targeting individuals with those two job titles who work for retirement homes, offering them free roof inspections for their flat roofs. These ads will feel more relevant to your prospect as they show up next to other industry news – rather than next to someone’s vacation photos.

Trust Your LinkedIn Advertising to an Expert

Many business owners or sales executives who are curious about using LinkedIn as an avenue for their business are tempted to run campaigns on their own. While maximizing the platform as a user is simple enough, trying to run effective paid campaigns requires expertise and an extended time commitment. Simply put, it has more in common with managing a PPC campaign than updating a company social media profile.

We always recommend trusting your LinkedIn advertising to a skilled digital media company – here’s what we do differently:

  • Complete campaign development
  • Real-time optimizations to maximize lead generation
  • Monthly campaign reports
  • Advanced demographic targeting, including based on job titles
  • Custom designed content & visuals
  • Dedicated account representative in Lancaster, PA
  • Detailed on-site conversion optimization
  • A/B ad testing to maximize performance

If you’re ready to turn the leading business social network into a rock-solid lead generation channel, reach out to our experienced team today!