Pinterest Advertising

  • How to advertise on Pinterest
  • What is Pinterest best for
  • Do you need a Pinterest business account
  • Why use Pinterest ads

Pinterest Advertising – Why Pinterest Marketing Makes Sense

If you want to get your business more exposure through social media, you won’t want to gloss over Pinterest advertising any longer. With 322 million users and counting, Pinterest boasts that their users search over 2 billion times on the platform each month. In a culture that is leaning more and more towards visual platforms, having a great social media presence on the biggest visual search engine in the world is very important.

Here at WebTek, we are experts at using Pinterest to drive more traffic to the sites of our partners. Because it is a platform where people go to discover new things, you never know who will be browsing Pinterest and come across a project that you completed. Below, we will be discussing how we can help you out with Pinterest advertising and increasing your visibility on Pinterest.  Contact us today to help you get started with Pinterest optimization or Pinterest advertising!

The best types of Pinterest ads will:

  • Increase traffic to your website
  • Convert interested customers into clients
  • Showcase the best of your business

How To Advertise On Pinterest

Advertising on Pinterest is a great way to attract followers, share newly completed projects, and be discovered by potential clients. Our team will do extensive keyword research on Pinterest, to find topics that are being searched in real-time on Pinterest that relate to your business or industry. Pinterest advertising is similar to Facebook advertising in that it operates on a bid/auction system. Each campaign can target different audiences of people that are similar to your current clients or looking up keywords related to your industry.

According to Pinterest, 73% of all users have reported to clicking on or buying something from a promoted pin that showed up in their browser or search feeds. That means that users on Pinterest are coming to the platform to find results or solutions to their needs. Call or fill out a contact form today to get started building your Pinterest advertising strategy with WebTek!

  • Custom designed pins/pin videos
  • Extensive keyword and campaign research
  • Meticulous attention to detail
  • Real communication with a real team of people
  • Easy to understand analytics and performance analysis on a monthly basis
  • Regular ad testing
  • Custom ad copy
  • Advanced demographic targeting

What Is Pinterest Best For?

Pinterest is best for businesses that provide quality services to their community and are hoping to find new clients whose needs they can easily meet. People are going to Pinterest with ideas for their homes, backyards, and more first, getting inspiration, and then contacting services that can help them. But, how great would it be if while someone was researching exterior home remodeling, photos from your most recent remodeling projects appeared with your contact information? Your great work speaks for itself, let WebTek put that in front of clients that would be interested in your services with Pinterest advertising. If you believe that you would benefit from using Pinterest for your company, contact WebTek today!

Do You Need a Pinterest Business Account?

Yes. A Pinterest business account is needed to complete any Pinterest advertising. A business account also allows you to have invaluable data on your Pinterest analytics to view how people are finding you, what people are searching for to find you, and information on your unique followers.

Why Use Pinterest Ads?

  • Increase traffic to your site
  • Easily be seen by potential clients
  • Grow followers and Pinterest visibility quickly

Pinterest ads are great for businesses that are hoping to promote new services, sales, or just to find a new group of clients in their area they haven’t reached. Because it is statistically proven that promoted ads on Pinterest are actively engaged with by users, there is a high chance of success using Pinterest advertising. If you are looking to drive more traffic and leads to your site, you can’t go wrong with Pinterest ads. Contact WebTek today if you are interested in our Pinterest advertising plan!