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This client came to us looking to modernize their website with a redesign. WebTek built them a responsive website that showcases the custom pole buildings that they design and build. Their work is highlighted in a sortable portfolio where the user can filter projects by square foot, category, and county. The new website also features a color analyzer and is extremely SEO friendly!

Location: Stevens, PA

Type: Wordpress

Industry: Specialty

I’m pretty excited about this website. You guys have done a great job, and I’m really happy to be working with your company. This experience has been so different from the other web company I have dealt with. =======Update ======= I just wanted to let you know about two good testimonials. Both of these guys never heard about my company prior to finding me on the web. The first is a vice president of a large lumber company. He said how he was very impressed with my website. He said that if I get the project, it will be because of the website. (That is what drew him to my company). He said my website stands out above all the rest of the pole building websites out there. And then another company owner told me that he was impressed with my website, and one of the reasons he chose us. This is very good information and gives me a lot of encouragement for the many hours I put into the website. It also solidifies in my mind the quality website that you have put together for me.
- Kevin R. Weaver

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