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Stoltzfus Meats very first website many, many years ago, with really very limited information as to how I would go about it. Although I spoke with a few web designers... Kornel and WEBTEK was the partnership I chose as from the first day, Kornel was so helpful and patient with me as I had never worked on anything such as a website... not to mention his professionalism is exemplary. Not once did he ever speak to me as if I should know what he was speaking about... hence the patience. Not only did he completely set up our website with awesome search engines but he also instituted our mail order division... making it a part of our website as well as adding e-commerce and UPS. Kornel and his staff have always been helpful with any questions, anytime we need something added or changed to our website and always in a timely manner. Hence the helpfulness and professionalism! We have had so much success with our website that Kornel will be updating our current web site and re-establishing our mail order division in the very near future. I cannot fathom working with anyone but Kornel... the trust I feel for Kornel, his staff and WEBTEK is a priceless commodity. The only thing I can think of to end this is very simply... THANK YOU, Kornel and Crew!!

-E. Rumpf
Stoltzfus Meats

It has been a pleasure to work with you over the years. I thank you for your professionalism, your hard work and all the times that you go above and beyond to satisfy our needs. I'm aware of your working until midnight to meet a last minute deadline that we imposed upon you recently. This is exactly what I'm talking about.. you do so without complaint, without any signs of negativity and we can always count on the job being completed as asked. We thank you and appreciate your professionalism, your patience and your wonderful creativity.
- M. Stoltzfus, Stoltzfus Meats

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