Testimonials from Stevens, PA Businesses

- Vince Youndt, Vertex Mechanical

Thanks again for everything, and for the awesome new website. We are very happy with it! It has been a pleasure working with you and the other folks at Webtek. I look forward to continuing that work in 2016!

- Curtis Groff

I just wanted to let you know about two good testimonials. Both of these guys never heard about my company prior to finding me on the web. The first is a vice president of a large lumber company. He said how he was very impressed with my website. He said that if I get the project, it will be because of the website. (That is what drew him to my company). He said my website stands out above all the rest of the pole building websites out there. And then another company owner told me that he was impressed with my website, and one of the reasons he chose us. This is very good information and gives me a lot of encouragement for the many hours I put into the website. It also solidifies in my mind the quality website that you have put together for me.

- Kevin R. Weaver

The web site Web Tek developed for us provides us with a powerful marketing tool for today’s business world. It frees up our time when we can refer people to the site for more information. We receive many positive comments about our site from some of our 10,000 monthly visitors. We appreciate Web Tek for their quick response times on keeping our site updated.

- R. Kline, Kline, Kreider and Good Auctioneers