Setting Up Email on Your Computer with Microsoft Outlook

Setting Up Email On Your Computer with Microsoft Outlook

To set up your computer to send/receive emails, you must already have the email account created in your Control Panel. You will need the following information when following the step by step instructions below for your email program.

Please Note: Outlook versions 2013 and older are no longer supported and will not work.  We recommend using the latest version of Outlook found here.  You can install one license ($8.25/month) on 5 computers.

Required Information

  • Username: (your full email address).
  • Password: use whatever password you were assigned.
  • Incoming Mail Server:  Use (replacing with your domain name).
    • Use SSL on port 993 (IMAP) or port 995 (POP)
  • Outgoing Mail Server:  Use (replacing with your domain name).
    • Use SSL on port 465
    • “My outgoing (SMTP) server requires authentication” – Yes

Outlook 2019+ Autodiscover Account Set up

Our mail servers support Autodiscover for Outlook 2019!  This means your account setup is much easier than it used to be if you have the newest version of Outlook.

Older versions of Outlook will have varying ability to Autodiscover your email account and settings.  If you’re using an older version of Outlook that does not offer Autodiscover you’ll have to set up your account manually using the steps found in the Outlook Manual Setup section (below)

Follow these few steps in Outlook to set up your account:

  1. Go to File > Account Settings > Account Settings > and click the “New…” button.
  2. A new window will open, enter your full email address and click “Connect”.
  3. Select IMAP (recommended) or POP.
  4. Enter your account’s password and click “Connect”.
  5. Outlook should say “Account successfully updated”, click “Done” and you’re all set!

Note: If your account setup fails, please double check your email and password for typos.  You will have to exit the setup and click “New…” again to re-enter your information.  If your account setup fails a second time, click “Change Account Settings” and make sure your settings match what is listed in the Required Information section of this page (above).

Outlook Manual Setup

First Steps

  1. In Outlook 2013 and newer click on File > Account Settings > Account Settings
  2. Click on New (right above account names)
  3. Choose Email Service: Click IMAP or POP, click Next
  4. Click Manually configure server settings, click Next
  5. Click Internet E-Mail, click Next

User Information

  1. Your Name: Enter your name as you want it displayed when you send an email
  2. Email Address: Enter your email address.

Server Information

  1. Account Type: IMAP or POP (IMAP is preferred)
  2. Incoming Mail Server:
  3. Outgoing Mail Server:

Login Information

  1. User Name: Enter your FULL email address
  2. Password: Enter your password
  3. Remember Password: Check
  4. Require login using SPA: Do NOT check
  5. Click more Settings

More Settings – General Tab

  1. Edit the Mail Account name as necessary
  2. Organization: Enter your company name
  3. Reply Email: Type in your full email address
  4. Purge Options: Leave unchecked.

More Settings – Outgoing Server Tab

  1. My outgoing server requires authentication: Yes
  2. Use same settings as my incoming: Yes

More Settings – Advanced Tab

  1. Incoming server Port: Use “993” for IMAP, and use “995” for POP3
  2. Use the following type of encrypted connection: SSL/TLS
  3. Outgoing server Port: 465
  4. Use the following type of encrypted connection: SSL/TLS
  5. Click Okay
  6. You can click Test Account Settings to see if successful. If not, check the steps again.
  7. Click Next > Finish.

Outlook 2013 Visual Reference

Having Trouble?

We only offer support for existing WebTek clients.  If you are having difficulty setting up your account, we can help!  Please download and run our Remote Support software before calling our Support Department (717-859-3250 x5), this will allow our techs to assist you quickly.