Using Webmail

Browser based access to your email accounts

Using Webmail

When you want to send and receive email, you can do that two ways. You can either:

  • Download all your mail messages to your local computer to administer them that way. If you want this method, then jump over to the page about setting up email on your local computer.
  • Keep all your email messages online and use web-based software that you can access anywhere there is Internet. We call this webmail, keep reading below.

Clients that host with us can access their web-based email software by going to (replacing with your domain name). You will then be prompted with a login box. Simply login with the following credentials:

Username: Type in your full email address

Password: Use whatever email password you were assigned

You should then be presented with 3 different email programs that you can pick from: Horde, Round Cube and Squirrel Mail. You can try them all, but pick one you like the best so you can become familiar with it.

Please Note: When using webmail, be sure to not only move junk email to trash, but to empty the trash periodically so your mailbox doesn’t fill up.