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If you are an existing client in need of Wordpress Assistance, Tutorials on Usage, or any other wordpress issue our Support Team can help.

Having Wordpress Issues?

If WebTek setup your website and you are having issues, please reference the corresponding help sections to the right. They should provide enough assistance to get you back up and running!

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If you need further assistance modifying your website, you may fill out the support request form or call our Support Team at 717-859-3250. Resources online are free. If you need phone assistance, you may be charged for our help


Request Update to Your Website

If you are an existing Wordpress Website Client that needs an update done by us to your website, please let our Support Team know about it by clicking the orange button below. If you are not a current client of WebTek, but still need your website updated, contact our sales team for an initial consultation on the best way to proceed.
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All Other Support Requests

If you are an existing WebTek client, and you have any other questions, concerns or issues for our Support Team, please click the orange button below and a Support Team member will get back to you within one business day.
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