Change/Reset Your WordPress Password

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Changing or Resetting your WordPress Password

How to Change/Reset your password

Changing or resetting your WordPress password is very easy to do! First, go to the WordPress login screen, and then click the “Lost your password?” button to be taken through the reset process. Even though the primary function of this button is to assist users who forgot their password, you can still use this to reset your current password.

failed login

You can also change your password while you are logged into WordPress. When you are logged into WordPress, a thin tool bar will appear at the top of the page. On the far-right side of this bar you will see it say “Howdy, UsernameHere”, hover over this and select Edit My Profile.

You will be taken to a new page with a list of options displayed. Scroll down until you see the Account Management section and click the Generate Password button. It will provide you with a randomly generated password that is very long and complex, you may use this or type in your own that is easier to remember. The more characters you have the stronger your password will be. It’s not recommended to use events of importance like birthdays, anniversaries, or your pet’s name. The best practice is to combine numbers, letters, and a symbol or two that is at least eight characters in length.