Managing WordPress Menus

Learn to manage your WordPress Menus

Adding New Menu/Navigation Items WordPress Website

How to Add New Items to Your Navigation

To edit your website’s main navigation or menu, find the “Appearance” tab in the left side menu and hover over it. Select the “Menus” option to make edits to the website menus.

Some website’s may use separate menus for the Desktop and Mobile versions of the website, so any change you make may need to be made on both menus. You can change what menu you’re editing by using the “Select a Menu” dropdown.

select a menu

Adding a new option to the menu is very easy. When editing the Menu there is a section to the left that we can use to find what we would like to link in the navigation. Pages are predominately linked in the menus but you can also add links for things like blog posts, products, and product categories (if you have an Ecommerce website).

Once we find the item we would like to add to the menu, simply check the box beside the item and click the “Add to Menu” button. This will add your marked item to the bottom of the list of other items linked in the navigation. Scroll all the way down to find your new menu item, then click and hold to drag and drop the item into the appropriate spot in the menu. If you want your new item to be a dropdown of an existing link, drag and drop your new item so that it is indented beneath the item you would like it to show under. See example below.

menu ordering

After you’re done making edits to the Menu, scroll back to the top (or all the way to the bottom) and click the blue “Save Menu” button on the right side of the screen.

Options Page Menus

For certain websites, WebTek will create sidebars using the Options page. If your website features this type of menus you can follow these instructions to edit them. In order to add a row you would first hit the “Add Row” button. You would then give the item a name in the “Page” field. Then you would copy and paste the url into the “Link” field. Once you have added the items you need you would click the update button int he upper right hand corner of the page.

options page crop