Managing WooCommerce Orders

Learn how to view, modify, and complete orders on your website

How Do I Manage My WooCommerce Orders?

How Can You Manage Your WordPress Orders?

The first step in managing your WordPress WooCommerce orders is to look in the menu on the left side of your screen, hover on WooCommerce and then navigate to the orders tab that appears.

How to Manage Your Order Status

Every order on WooCommerce has a status, these statuses let you know what the current state of the order is. In order to see the status of the order simply hover on the icon under the status column. See below for a full list of order statuses.

How to View WooCommerce Order Details?

In order to view the products, you first have to click on the order number or the “Edit” text that appears when you hover over the order. At the top of the order are the order details, under the General Details section you will be able to see the date and time the order was placed, the order status (which can be changed in the drop down) and the customer’s name.

Next to the General Details you can find the Billing Details and the Shipping Details for the customer, these details can be used to pack and ship the orders to the correct address.

The next section after the Billing and Shipping Details contains the products in the order they were added to the cart, how much they costs, the quantity ordered, the total price and any taxes. In this section you can also see the product name, image, and variations if any were ordered. This section of the order also includes the shipping method the user chose and it’s cost along with whether or not the user is owed any money in refunds.

By Clicking on an order’s row in this section the row will highlight and options will appear below to allow you to delete the selected row, reduce the stock or increase the stock of the item. When the order’s status is pending payment, on hold or failed you are able to add items, taxes, shipping or fees to individual product lines.

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Order Sidebar

The first section in the Order page sidebar is the Order Actions section. This sections allows you to take a few actions such as resending order emails or regenerating download permissions. In order to make these changes you would simply select the option you want, click the arrow to the right to apply them and then click the save order button. The next section in the Order page sidebar is the Order Notes section. There are two types of notes you can add in this section. One of them is a Private Note, which only you and other administrators on the website can see. The other type of comment is a Note to Customer, which will be sent to the customer so that they can view it as well.

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