How To Use WordPress Shortcodes

Learn how to use WordPress Shortcodes from the Tutorial below

How Do I Use WordPress Shortcodes?

What Are Shortcodes?

WordPress shortcodes are a type of WordPress code that allows you to create shortcuts that do things without much effort. Here at WebTek we use shortcodes for a variety of different purposes such as creating buttons, grid systems and much more. To learn more about how we use shortcodes for the grid system click here and if you want to know how to make buttons with shortcodes click here.

How Are Shortcodes Used?

In order to use shortcodes you simply have to wrap your content inside of shortcode brackets in order to make the effect of the shortcode take place. For example if we created a shortcode that was made to style an image so that the image had rounded edges and gave this shortcode a name of round-image. In order to use this shortcode you would use this syntax:

-This shortcode will create an image with curved edges

round image

The most important thing to remember when using shortcodes is to always close the brackets in order to make sure they work properly.