Understanding The Grid System

Learn how the Grid System interacts with your website

The Grid System Simplified

What is the Grid System?

The Grid System is a system that simplifies content alignment on your website, and gives you, the user, the ability to layout a page the way you want to without having to go through us to do it! What does it mean for your website to be built in the Grid? It means that your website was built with ease of customizability in mind.

grid system


It is important to remember to wrap the grid in a group tag. If you do not wrap the grid in a group tag it will not function properly. Below is an example of a proper grid in the WordPress Editor.

group grid

These grid-x shortcodes (to learn more about shortcodes click here) translate into fractions. Below is a visual of how these shortcodes will work. The gray boxes represent content (text/images).

grid layout