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Did you know there are two distinct ways in Wordpress to develop sites?

If you have gotten to this page, you most likely know about Wordpress and know that many websites developed today are powered by Wordpress. But did you know there are two distinct ways in Wordpress to develop sites?

One way is by purchasing a premade template (theme) that someone else built and swapping out content and pictures as needed. The other way is to have it professionally custom built from the ground up. At WebTek, we always choose the later. Below are some of the differences between the two methods which should help you understand why we do this.

Using a WordPress Premade Theme

  • You are limited to what the theme can to do
  • Most themes pack in a bunch of settings, bloating the code
  • Editing the prewritten code gets messy, quickly
  • Your web developer will often say "no" or "can't do that" to your requests
  • Hundreds or thousands of others are using your same theme
  • All future development is still confined to the theme you pick
  • Most "want to be" developers have to use someone else's premade theme

Custom Theme from WebTek

  • 100% flexibility, no limitations
  • 100% unique to you, customized any way you want
  • Editing the code is a breeze, since we wrote it all
  • We add features only if needed keeping code lean and clean
  • Framework is ideal for future growth
  • Most true web developers dislike themes and won't use them

Would you rather make your business fit into a premade box or make the box fit your business? The smart answer is make the box fit your business and that's why having WebTek make a custom theme built around your business is the right way to go.

If you try and make your company fit into the boxed theme, when you want to change things, you'll start hearing comments like "sorry, can't do that". Why? Because you need to work within the template that was purchased. If you want to go outside the box a bit, you gotta hack apart the prewritten code. That prewritten code is usually a mess and most people don't want to mess with it or if they do, it starts to break other things.

Another other reason we shy away from premade themes, is it's really hard for a web company to be able to support a bunch of premade themes. These themes are written from people all over the world and everyone writes code differently and no two themes are the same.

WebTek is a firm believer in getting things done the right way, the first time. We ultimately want you to be successful online (our tag line) and want to do what's best for you, positioning you well for current and future success. Partner with us and we'll take you there.

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