Kornel Kurtz - Owner of WebTek

Kornel Kurtz

President & CEO

We are here to help you succeed online! It's our slogan, it's our mission. My name is Kornel Kurtz and I started WebTek 16 years ago out of a love of computers, the creativity found in web design, and the strategy found in internet marketing.

What started as a hobby has turned into a passion for helping others. What started out as me doing everything, has transformed into a solid team of professionals that do all the day to day stuff. As the years evolved, we became really good at what we do and now WebTek is a front-runner in web design companies in Lancaster PA. I focus my efforts on managing the company and making sure all things run smoothly.

I've been a Lancaster County Pennsylvania native all my life. A place where strong work ethic was instilled in me growing up. A place where honesty and high morals are the foundation on which we create relationships and ultimately friendships. Relationships built on trust and open communication. I personally enjoy meeting new people and building working relationships with them. I love to help people use the internet to prosper their business and find this rewarding.

Personally, I enjoy sports and being outdoors. I love warm climate getaways during the cold winter months. My lovely wife, Marcia, and I enjoy watching our 3 children grow and mature into fine young individuals. God has blessed us, may he bless you as well!

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