Email Support & Technical Website Assistance

You’re a business owner, NOT a web genius – but that’s alright!

If you are an existing client in need of email support, a website update, special request or other issue, our highly-trained support team is happy to help!

We understand that good help is hard to find which is why we’re proud to offer our assistance. It will be like a breath of fresh air to get timely responses and quality work if you are frustrated with the support you get elsewhere.

With all the email support and web questions we get, the most popular is the question of our pricing. WebTek’s real-life support team charges $90/hr in ½ hr increments, so if you have something that only takes 30 minutes to complete, you will be charged $45.

Need Email Help?

If WebTek handles your email, and you are having email issues, please reference the Email Help links. These easy-to-follow instructions typically are more than enough for clients to setup and troubleshoot common email problems.

If you need further email help, please fill out the email support request form. Resources online are free. If you prefer email troubleshooting assistance over the phone, please download our Remote Support Software prior to calling our Support Team at 717-859-3250 x5

Get Email Help

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Need Website Help?

Here at WebTek, we have a stellar support team whose sole responsibility is to assist clients in need of website help or that need technical, “behind the scene” help. We’re here to assist you with website maintenance and updates to extend the lifespan of your existing website. The web support team is fluent in many coding languages and open-source frameworks.

To inquire about our web support services, please give us a call, submit your requests via email, or complete our easy online form.

Most small web support requests or minor updates are finished within 3 business days; however, larger requests we frequently tend to quote a price and lead time for. If it’s a complete website rebuild, please contact our sales staff for a complete strategic consultation.

Support Request Form

WordPress & Other Website Support

Nearly every website we build nowadays is using WordPress, so yeah – you could say we know that platform very well! Being the number one content management system in the world, WordPress is our go-to development platform of choice.

One of the greatest advantages of this CMS is that it is super editable, and user-friendly. Web support for a WordPress website is usually minimal, because most of the work can be done by the customer – saving you on support costs!

Although it’s simple to use, it can be challenging to get started working with the platform for the first few times. Our website support staff provides a free WordPress tutorial upon your new website launch, and we have an online resource section dedicated to helping you become more familiar with your WebTek WordPress site. Should you need additional website support, please give us a call or follow the link below.

WordPress Support

Remote Support

Technology is pretty amazing! We can login to your computer and take over your screen to literally see what you see to help us troubleshoot and resolve whatever technical issues you are having. You would first need to call our Support Team at 717-859-3250 to begin the process. Then, click on the appropriate PC or MAC button to run the software for your computer.

The Reliable Web Support Team

Do you have an experienced, reliable digital team to call on? You deserve one!

Speak with our knowledgeable support staff regarding any of your email, website, or WordPress questions. Typical website support turnaround time is usually 1-3 business days. Start the conversation today!

Remote Support